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At everyone the Monday?

Monday - an unlucky day . Who does not know this household saying, rather ironical, than serious. But now, investigating activity rhythms, scientists are inclined to paraphrase it in own way: everyone has the Monday, the difficult day. Physiologists do not doubt that the person has physical and psychological reserves, and reserves considerable. It is necessary only their nobility and to be able at the necessary moments to use.

Perhaps, these reserves completely reveal only in some oprekdelenny hours and days, individual for each person. Studying revealed one thousand four hundred cases of fatal diseases of heart that most often the death occurred for the twelfth month if to consider from date of birth of the person. Means, the last month before birthday of the person and the second month after - the most dangerous to those who are subject warmly - to vascular diseases. And the first month from date of birth, on the contrary, according to the same research, is safest. After research of the highest achievements of athletes: 8000 results were analysed taking into account their distribution on the months counted from date of birth. Every time as a result there was the same record: The First month - increases in results, the second and twelfth - reduction .

This material pushes scientists on the assumption that to each person according to a certain genetic program a certain rhythm of its psychophysiological opportunities is established. If hypothesis of existence critical and favorable the periods in human life will be confirmed, everyone should think of an image of the life. The person can take, for example, vacation in critical time to get a personal calendar that always the nobility in what day he should be afraid of big disorders. It, by the way, will help to develop a habit, very useful to health: it is conscious to own the emotions, to convince itself that never you should be upset on trifles. Perhaps, each married couple will look for the best for it time of the birth of the child. At last, taking into account individual calendars, probably, has to medical prevention is based.

Idea about existence critical and favorable the periods, of course still needs check. However already the fact that many researchers at different times and come different ways to a conclusion about communication of various events in human life (including his diseases) with date of birth, forces to belong with interest in an activity rhythm.]