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What was necessary from me for a ghost?

you Can trust or not, but I know beyond doubt that is wanted by ghosts at a meeting with the living person. Truth! Was influenced.

There was it in my youth. I was late at work then more than usual. Was late. City streets on which came back home floated in transparent spring fog. Smells of the blossoming lilac and pure moisture were groundless. Occasionally dogs vzlaivat. Lonely windows shone yellow squares.

Having curtailed to a lodge in which we lived quietly with mother, I approached a gate of gate. The sandy footpath extinguished sounds of my steps. I already wanted to insert a key into the lock as shuddered from wild howling our dog. The huge Caucasian howled by a bad voice though he under the charter had to welcome, as usual, me a cheerful povizgivaniye.

Puzzled with his behavior, I began to unlock a door, but stood on a half of the movement. In my back the look was literally thrust. I felt it. He crept away on a backbone, forcing to stand and turn back. Behind me someone coughed and sighed. Having sharply looked back, I saw our neigbour, the aunt Mashu. She stood in the long coat in couple of meters from me and was silent. Sticky waves of fog were licked her leg, and it seemed that it slightly shaking, is groundless. On a habit, I greeted the first. Did not receive the answer. But my brain was punched wild and silly, for the medical student, by thought.

Our neigbour, the aunt Mashu, the third day as were buried! It cannot stand here. I personally saw it dead! In a familiar way helped to bring a coffin which was brought by her eternally drunk nephew. On a funeral was not. Work, study - not before. But the fir-tree fir twigs which are thrown before deceased were scattered on all street

the pause Arose. I stupidly stared at the neigbour`s ghost. It shook in fog at distance of two steps from me. Our dog, having choked cough, sharply interrupted sepulchral howl. The ghost started talking to me!

To indulge took a step to my party and a low voice murmured something. I through a twilight looked at the ghost face, with fear guessing familiar lines. Only the nose was pointed and extended, cheekbones are tense by

- My God! Rescue and keep! It is necessary to run.

But to run it did not turn out. Legs from fear as if grew into a footpath. And the ghost cleared the throat meanwhile and quite accurately said:

- Matches is?

- That? - I asked again by the broken voice.

- the Spark would give me. To kindle an oven. Cold at you here, I froze. my hand itself groped

boxes and stretched it to the neigbour. Ice fingers of a ghost touched my palm.

- Thanks! - thanked me the ghost. - I here go long ago. There is nobody as died out as if all.

the Woman was developed and went to the house.

To wait when it is behind the vorotets, I did not want any more. Without opening the lock, in one contact, I jumped through a two-meter fence and flew up on a high porch of our house.

At night, naturally, it was not fallen down. In the head evil thoughts climbed. If I got to that moment on inspection to the psychiatrist, then the bed in clinic would be provided to me. The howling dog added the emotions to my state, and the cold breeze rushing into a window obviously smelled slightly of a smoke. Someone nearby heated an oven.

Only in the morning, with the first beams of dawn I failed in a dream. Mother woke me. It was necessary to descend on a well, to bring waters. Which - as, having gathered, having taken buckets, I went to a well. About a well arbor, in a shadow of old lindens there was a small bench on which usually, from morning to evening touching all local gossips, old women sat. And this time, the babulechka headed by the only grandfather on our street washed to someone bones.

Having seen me, they became silent. When I approached closer and nodded as a sign of a greeting, was struck dumb and stopped as driven. Buckets tinkled in my hands. Habitually squinting, the aunt Masha looked at me! She sat in the coat, among grandmothers, and they pretended that all this is normally. As though there was no coffin, a funeral and fir twigs on the road between front gardens of houses.

The ghost quite quickly rose. Having got closer to me, it gave a hand. In an ice palm of the ghost lay boxes of matches.

- Thanks, the sonny! - quietly the aunt Masha whispered.

Ya involuntarily grabbed matches and literally rushed to a well. Being afraid to look back, I gathered waters and moved back home. A ghost with the company silently drilled me with views.

House I did not find anything the best how to tell everything swear. About the night ghost of the late neigbour, a match and a well. My wise mother, quietly and silently having listened to me, with sarcasm declared: that it is necessary to gad less at night then ghosts will not seem. And leaving to the frying pans on kitchen, added that in the house of the aunt Mashi there will live her twin sister so far. It arrived in day of a funeral and, of course, I saw it at the night at a gate.

I did not know, to cry to me or to laugh when I was reached by words of mother. But only precisely I could declare now everything that I know intimate secret.

About what is necessary for ghosts from live.

are necessary to Them matches .]