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How to help the child to choose a profession? Part 3.

we Will continue the analysis of methods of preparation for future profession begun in the previous parts.

Acquaintance to professions and professionals

This method is logical continuation two previous. If the child since the childhood is shipped in " environment; any profession, often sees her representatives, hears their conversations, happens at work at (mothers, fathers, etc.) representatives of this profession, plunges into all subtleties of this work and. etc., it can quite define its professional choice. Children absorb everything as sponges and therefore your relation to the profession most likely will be transferred also to children. If you you burn the business, you love it and if between you and your children there is a mutual understanding, then it is quite probable that children will become interested in your profession and will go on your feet. Fairly and the return.

But to you it is not necessary to limit acquaintance of the child only to the profession. Let the child will get acquainted with the most different areas of human activity.

Came to treat tooth to the doctor - at the same time showed to the child as doctors work, fly on the plane - showed how pilots, stewardesses work. Came to the dining room - we watch how cooks work...

the Person can infinitely watch three things: fire, water and work of other person.

Here from parents is required only easy and unostentatious emphasis of attention.

Strategic purchases.

One of important methods of drawing attention of the child to this or that profession, and also strong incentive for development of this attention - strategic purchase. It is purchase for the sum, large, significant for you, which will serve your child for many years and will provide his steady interest in a certain business and can even define its choice of profession. I would deliver to

On the first place:

1. Computer.

This purchase - universal. The computer is useful to both future mathematician, and the architect, and the musician, and the artist, and the athlete, and the journalist, and the officer, and the doctor... Here it is important to put business so that the child developed, and not just had a good time, playing primitive games. The same games can be picked up so that the child studied and mastered some profession through game.

once; The Increadible Machine . Game developed creative and technical thinking, and also knowledge of English (because the Russian option was not). Unfortunately, now it does not work at new computers, and I something do not see analog anywhere.

Further there are already more specialized purchases.

For example, for the young musician is a Tool. Piano, violoncello, violin, pipe...

I all periphery to it: a lectern, a tuning fork, music books, etc.

For future journalist, the photographer - the camera, a video camera.

For the biologist - a microscope, for the astronomer - the telescope. Now the models connected to the computer are on sale. It is possible to see the image on the screen, to write down and analyze it...

For the chemist is the remarkable " set; Young chemist .

In due time, parents presented to me such then I was fond of chemistry. Began to study in this subject as the five and even occupied 1 - e the place in the regional Olympic Games. Here what consequences such gift can cause.

will be useful to Future athlete exercise machines, balls, rackets, the bicycle. These purchases are also universal even if the child also will not devote the life to sport. A sound body is useful to all...

Very useful purchase are the developing games. First of all - chess. This ancient game teaches strategic thinking, logic, intuition. It is useful to future mathematicians and in general the children inclined to the exact sciences.

(To be continued)]