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What to choose from the menu?

the Hot days which are so damned quite recently and desired now, already consigned, apparently, to the past till next year. But from the compelled seats in summer cafes and small restaurants there were most inadequate memoirs. And now you will understand why.

Personally always interested me: who makes - and the main thing, who claims - these menus. Usually in second-grade summer cafes of the menu (to put it mildly) indulgently falls by a table under the professional look of the waiter (-weave) meaning: Yes I foreknow that you will order. As at most - on the " coffee;. His (her) expectations most often were not met, but during the order it was possible to learn a lot of informative.

And so: for example, Meat - gov (with dots and a dash). I hope that meant meat beef but whether to someone was laziness to print out, whether it is an honest assessment of meat which is in assortment: that is, meat is, but it - g . And further, as they say, who about what will finish thinking.

You do not want meat - g ? And in vain. Further will be even more abruptly: Beef boughs . Well, whether you understand, this personal record of everyone - how many at whom these most, declared in the menu, but not all it is so obvious to put at the mercy to the first comer.

In other summer cafe some celebration of common sense nevertheless took place: " Pork Edge; (from capital letter). Something very much reminds Adam`s edge, from - for whom, it seems, and all human troubles went then. But this concrete " Pork; apparently, just was left without edge which was for certain eaten by those who not really svedushch in bible affairs and are absolutely deprived of associative thinking.

Further for those who already, probably, badly distinguish words in the menu at restaurant it is offered gozhyadzhy shish kebab (spelling is kept). Well, what difference, whose shish kebab - a zrita in a root, as they say. But if to you it became bad later accepted on a breast gozhyadzhy shish kebab and especially later 40-degree vodka anesthesia - that please: the first means - protsezhony yogurt . Did not try, frankly speaking, that this (as, however, and the offered shish kebab), but, perhaps, helps to

A if it a little - welcome to taste... Govyazhy ovaries . You laugh? And in vain. In - the first, all dinner it is necessary to remember painfully lessons of biology and anatomy of high school, and in - the second (that it is worse) - visits to the gynecologist or in a maternity welfare unit.

Having left alone food, it is possible to be limited, of course, drinks - but even they will not allow us to be forgotten finally. Here you can explain to me why one of cocktails is called Children`s face ? There is no strong wish to fall into cynicism, but feeling that it something from the criminal chronicle about serial maniacs... But as if distracting from burdensome thoughts, cocktail (no more no less) " is right there offered; The Orgasm on the " beach;. Yes a certain part of our population (which already forgot that it to go to holiday), the second longs much more - and let it pass whether with the first

So so was hot at us this summer (though I know it for certain), but what was broken through sometimes by sweat from the menu of summer cafes and restaurants it is the fact. Also we do not want any gozhyadzhy shish kebabs - if they lead only to check ovaries . Also cocktails - horror films or those which only excite imagination are not necessary to us. To us it is simple to Dali to have a rest a little.