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What treasure was found in the Oak beam?

Today when mass emigration became the phenomenon quite usual and youth aspire for a cordon in any ways when to plunder the state property it is considered nearly degree of qualification of the businessman, - exactly today important and it is useful to remind of times when citizens of the different countries of Europe aspired to us on service, offering the hands, experience, skill; about times when people willingly put own, honest, patrimonial states in power of fatherland.

Were such times, there were such people...

Johann, Johan Poul`s son, the citizen of the Swedish crown with the island Ezel, Protestant, as well as all in the district, beliefs, having learned from the neighbor that the uncle of that who went to Russia sent the letter by Christmas and the gifts testifying to its full wellbeing decided to follow its example.

Especially as he remembered how in the childhood the grandmother told that some soldiers of Karl XII after defeat near Poltava and captivity remained in that country and well lived - because the earth of ska there - and - azochno rich. Russia since the time of Pyotr was discovered by

by experts from Europe - on service took and the salary was paid shipbuilders, military, scientists, engineers, doctors, architects, businessmen.

Despite numerous changes of a political konjyuktura in the subsequent reigns, the situation for foreigners at Catherine II remained quite favorable. Besides war with Turkey demanded disciplined and and competent military persons interested to toady. Johann enlisted.

Having become Ivan Ivanovich Paul, the young Swede in the Russian army valorously battled against Turks, caused a stir in bravery, was wounded near Izmail, and after a victory near Ochakovo in Suvorov`s armies, in a rank of the major was granted by 1500 tithes of the earth in the Ekaterinoslavsky province.

About such huge area of the magnificent chernozem, any inhabitant of the stony island Ezel could not even dream of such wealth.

Having arrived upon termination of war in 1791 to the earth, having seen the small river Wet Sura, meadows, the woods and fields, Ivan Ivanovich strongly here in a selets Maloaleksandrovsky located in the Verkhnedneprovsky County. Put the house and soon married the daughter of the neighbor landowner Malama.

The younger son of the retired major Nikolay Ivanovich Paul absolutely young participated in Patriotic war of 1812, served in 19 Egersky regiment and in a rank of the second lieutenant visited campaigns across Germany and France. At the end of 1816 returned home and married the daughter of the landowner of the same county Anisye Fiodorovna Yakovleva and begot with her in a lawful matrimony of the son Pyotr. The second time he married Anna Pavlovna Poletika, the widow of the provincial secretary of Ivan Ilyich Malama, the relative on mother. At them was three children - Maria, Pyotr and Alexander.

Alexander Nikolaevich Paul was born on August 20, 1852. And from a baptism in Church of the Ascension the destiny prepared for it a way difficult and nice. He got an education in the Poltava gymnasium and Derptsky university which graduated with degree of the candidate of diplomatic sciences in 1854.

I Ended a sciences course, - Alexander Nikolaevich wrote later, - returned to native steppes, took a stick in hand and went on foot to examine graves, ancient settlements and natural boundaries.

Many times Paul undertook similar circulations after the district, combining interests archaeological, ethnographic and naturalists`. So in 1866 it came into the Oak Beam at the right river bank of Saksagani near the settlement of Kryvyi Rih. This district extremely struck the amateur researcher with the pristineness and greatness: the eternal woods, enormous rocks, deep caves with the prehistoric remains of various antiquities in them. But day when Alexander Nikolaevich unexpectedly for himself came across exposures of layers of iron ore was fatal.

Without trusting own knowledge of mineralogy, Paul with samples of the found ores went to Mountain academy to Germany to the city of Freyberg for carrying out the qualified analyses. Professor Shtrippelman declared that the brought samples are an example of the finest ore.

that near Saksagani`s river there are a coal, marble and other minerals was known since the end of the XVII century. Combustible stone from these places even brought to Peter I, and that predicted, that the mineral this valuable will serve if not to us, then our grandsons .

Having convinced finally of enormous richness of edge, A. N. Paul bought the Oak Beam and got for rent for 99 years the Kryvyi Rih rudnikovy deposits.

At once, having become the lawful owner, Paul addressed the government with the offer to begin regular mining the promising multimillion profit.

Alexander Nikolaevich on belief of officials of different ranks in grandness of the Kryvyi Rih field put fifteen years. All this time it not only was not helped, but also in every possible way disturbed, spreading ridiculous rumors about the fanatic from the Oak beam about maniac mad about iron " ore;. After the next trip of Paul to St. Petersburg where he strove on government support of the project, to Ekaterinoslav from the capital the inquiry about " was sent; reliability and moral qualities Alexander Nikolaevich. The local district police officer went all out the answer that say Paul in the general opinion a little abnormal person.

In the same time the former smith Englishman John Yuz founded the " company in London; Novorossiysk society of coal, iron and rail production . On the river bank Kalmius Yuz managed to arrange the largest production of coal in the south of the country and metal. Yuz`s settlement built for workers is called as the capital of Donbass as Donetsk now.

without having found support in the homeland, Alexander Nikolaevich Paul went to France and in Paris managed to find understanding of the ideas. So in Paris for thousands of versts from the field was based Joint-stock company of iron ores of Kryvyi Rih . From the beginning of activity of society which delivered excellent ore to plants of the Skid and other enterprises enormous value of the discovery made by A. N. Paul became obvious.

Now is not present in the world of industrially developed state which in a varying degree would not be connected with the Kryvyi Rih metal where would not know about fields of Kryvyi Rih. But how many talent and energy, worthy other application, Alexander Nikolaevich Paul spent for laying of the railroads, for a construction of bridges through the rivers, on construction of housing for workers - that remained out of spheres is mountain - ore achievements of our edge.

Public work, passionate hobby for history and archeology made A. N. Paul by an outstanding figure in the province. It together with A. M. Miklashevsky at the end of 1859 went to St. Petersburg for work in the Commission of the main committee on the device of life of peasants. He was a supporter and brought the contribution in the reform of 1861 which cancelled a serfdom. Paul was a member of Ekaterinoslavsky Provincial presence on country affairs from the nobility, was elected public provincial territorial meetings. Was an honourable magistrate of the Verkhnedneprovsky district and the Chairman of Verkhnedneprovsky world congress. Consisted the member Odessa Imperial Society of History and antiquities . All life made collections of objects of old times.

Eventually the interest in collecting made Alexander Nikolaevich the owner of a huge and various collection of pictures, engravings, enamels, porcelain, bronze, antiquities of the Greek colonies, Zaporizhia, is southern - the Russian old times. In addition it brought together big library of rare editions and manuscripts.

Needing money, A. N. Paul tried to sell the meeting, estimating it at 200 thousand rubles. But the state did not show interest also here. Shortly before death the letter which contained the offer 200 came from London. 000 silver dollars for a collection of antiquities. Burdened with debts, Alexander Nikolaevich nevertheless did not hurry to sell the meeting abroad though proceeds could provide his family for a long time, - he wanted that the collection remained in the homeland.

With that also died on 58 - ohm to year of life.

After death began to do to it justice - and the museum is called by his name and was decided to erect a monument, and grants of his name in mining institute are founded, and the City Council noted the walls a memorial board with a profile of the honourable citizen Iecaterinoslav A. N. Paul. Also it was much told good and right words about value of activity of Alexander Nikolaevich not only for the province, but also for all power.

The bronze bust in the Kryvyi Rih mines to an opener to their and founder was delivered by the French company.

Useful activity of A. N. Paul in Kryvyi Rih 1870 - 1890, from shareholders of Society of the Kryvyi Rih iron " ores; - it was traced on the pedestal crowning a cone of an artificial embankment.

But soon a bust stole. it was not found


It is interesting whether the destiny brought someone from our compatriots emigriruyushchy now in search of the better life from the powerful industrial center of Kryvyi Rih on the small and quiet island Ezel belonging as well as in old time, Sweden?. Who knows