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How to organize a good banquet?

to Find a reason for a banquet - not a problem. Birthday in the small company of friends or a noisy wedding, completion of long negotiations with partners or on March 8 for the employees - there is always a wish that the restaurant feast took place successfully, justified expenses and left only pleasant memories. How to achieve it?

A success basis - the correct planning .

1. We define desirable date and time of a banquet, quantity and qualitative structure guests. The you when and for whom you will organize action, the more successful everything turns out will be better to present to

. Try to define how many in the company will be men and how many women, average age of the guests, what gastronomic and alcoholic addictions invited what will be an initial spirit of participants of a banquet. It is the best of all to decide on a pencil in hands: we write, we analyze, we correct, we supplement, again we analyze...

Let`s say at you it turns out: Saturday, 16:00, vigorous and cheerful relatives (60 people, men and women approximately equally, average age of 45 years) gather to congratulate newlyweds. Means, the certain spacious room will be required that not only to put tables on 60 people, but also to leave the space for dances. Is and will drink much. Good lighting that high-quality video filming, the microphone for the leader and speakers turned out will be necessary...

Or absolutely other example: Friday, 19:00, group of design engineers (20 people, only 2 women, all for 30 - 35 years, from the different cities, are not really familiar among themselves) goes (more precisely, organizers carry) to restaurant to celebrate end 5 - a day seminar. If to remove the certain hall under this banquet, to turn on the quiet music and to put on a table many hard alcoholic drinks, the high probability to receive as a result a dozing kingdom, a vpolukh listening to professional dispute of two - three most talkative participants of a banquet. And if not to overload a table with either food, or alcohol, and in general to place a banquet in slightly isolated zone of the general hall of restaurant where there will be other people (in particular, a female) and incendiary show - the program, your guests will manage to dump tension of a difficult week and to derive pleasure from all events.

So, date, time, participants, the budget, light, a sound, a spirit - all presented? We pass to the following stage.

2. We establish the budget of action.

the certain minimum level accepted at restaurants of your city and the upper bound which depends only on your opportunities (or opportunities of your company) Exists. Recognize the first for reference at restaurants, define the second independently (or ask the management). Then take away from the sum which you can spend, 15% for contingencies, divide the rest into the number of guests. And then, having begun to call according to announcements of the " type; rent of a banquet room and organization of the best banquets you will already be able accurately to tell: The Banquet on NN of guests, no more NNNN of rubles from the person . You will save time and you will make impression of the person knowing well on the interlocutor that he wants.

By the way, at this stage it can turn out that conceived by you in the budget is not entered in item 1 at all. Means, it is necessary to return to planning and to cut down something. If the speech about private action, is cut down by number of guests more often. If about an office party, that is sense at first to paint the plans to the administration in effective details and to demand increase in the budget: perhaps it will turn out...

If plans met with the budget, it is a high time to begin remote searches of the platform. Look for on the Internet and advertizing newspapers, read whenever possible responses, you call, compare offers with the demand: the two-three of suitable places has to be. And there already go to investigation personally.

3. We make the menu.

you arrived to restaurant, were convinced that the situation approaches - means, it is time to cover glade . Besides, at first - on paper. The restaurant for certain has preparations of banquet menus, and it is possible to make a start from them, but work to count how many the food is offered to eat to one guest. In most cases it will turn out that is unreal much. That then it was not is painfully a pity for untouched plates, I offer such approximate deal on one person:

salads - 150 - 200

cold appetizers - 100 - 150

hot appetizers - 100 - 150

a main course (together with a garnish) - 300 - 400

fruit - 50 - 100 g

I all! It will be a little unless for the company entirely consisting of the young woodcutters who well worked on a frost. It is better to order a dessert, tea or coffee on the action course, it will be required to not everyone. It is necessary to add mineral water and juice (1 - 1,5 l on the person in total) and alcohol.

The last very individually for each banquet. You know as how many your guests drink - remarkably, order. You do not know - try to leave the place for maneuver, let us assume, to order to start a banquet gradually of sparkling, white and red wine, vodka and cognac, and to supplement the rest therein. However, this recommendation is suitable for the companies no more than 30 people when really to watch a situation. For big feasts everything needs to be planned in advance, and it is possible to go on an average formula (250 - 300 of wine + 150 - 200 of hard liquors on everyone, and there let understand, to disturb or not to disturb). For corporate banquets, especially after which all to come to work, the situation when on tables only easy alcohol is absolutely normal.

4. Important trifles.

Before making a final choice, walk on restaurant, and have better supper there, paying attention not only to quality of food and service, but also to such things as ventilation, clothes, a toilet, entrances - exits (whether there will be no chaos in a very narrow corridor). Learn what will occur in rooms near your banquet room. At last, define whether will conveniently reach to guests restaurant, and, above all, to part then on houses. Do not allow trifles to spoil your holiday.

All provided? Means, it is possible to make an advance payment and to distribute invitations. And let your banquet will work well wonderfully well!]