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How to grow up seedling of sweet pepper without sword-play?

Sweet pepper was strongly included into the list of the garden cultures which are grown up on our personal plots. It is very vitamin-rich, mineral substances, contains sugar and proteins, essential and fat oils, oxalic, apple, lemon acids. Only one fruit of pepper contains standard daily rate of vitamin P. On the content of vitamin C pepper - the real champion, and its greatest number contain well ripened fruits. By the way, in ketchup from sweet pepper of vitamin C in 16 times more, than in tomato.

Despite belonging to family solanaceous, very susceptible to a fitoftoroz, this misfortune avoids pepper. Care of it during vegetation very simple, on forces even to the beginning vegetable growers. Probably, its high popularity at gardeners is also explained by it if to consider still its unique nutritional value for an organism.

However each gardener faces such problem as considerable delay of growth of seedling of pepper after sword-play in separate pots. This results from the fact that backs of sweet pepper are very sensitive to the slightest mechanical influences. To avoid the similar moments, try to grow up pepper without sword-play.

Crops of seeds are made since the end of February to the middle of March. Semyon can previously be killed in solution of potassium permanganate or a growth factor, it is possible just to take them several hours in warm water. For landing of seeds it is better to use the light peat soil which is on sale in shops, mixing it with the garden earth about 1:1.

Fill with this soil polyethylene bags from - under sour creams or mayonnaise, having a little cut off the lower corner for a drain of excess water when waterings. Bags need to be put after that lengthways half, turn out such very narrow glasses . Fill them with the soil and put in a box or a box closely to each other. Having spilled the soil warm water with potassium permanganate addition, display in sacks on 1 - 2 sunflower seed and from above powder with the earth a layer in 1 cm. Having carefully covered a box with a film, place it in the warm place (25 - 27 degrees) for germination of seeds.

It is obligatory to check daily a condition of crops that there was no drying of the soil. Usually approximately in 5 - 10 days shoots appear. The box at once needs to be transferred to the light warm place, but at once not to remove a film. When the seedling is leveled, it is possible to slightly open edge of a film that excess condensate did not accumulate, after it absolutely remove.

For watering of seedlings use only the warm settled water. The lack of moisture transfers pepper very painfully, but too does not take out flooding of root system. Therefore it is necessary to watch that the soil was always moderately moistened. The growing-up seedling of times in 10 days feed up solution of mineral fertilizers or oksidaty peat. Air temperature is desirable not less than 23 degrees in the afternoon and 16 - 18 night.

When peppers will grow up and roots will fill all space, accurately develop bags and fill up the fertile earth. Of course, instead of bags for cultivation of pepper it is possible to use also just separate plastic glasses. But they small and will become over time close for root system that will slow down growth of seedling. And if to use glasses more largely, then at small seedlings the excess soil undeveloped by backs will sour. When using packages it turns out simpler: with growth of roots also volume " easily increases; ware without excess injuries for kids.

At such way of cultivation our capricious children it is evenly unceasing grow and are not exposed to any stresses up to their disembarkation to the greenhouse. But even then their roots will not suffer because it is easy to get pepper from packages and together with a lump of the soil to transfer to the prepared holes. Thanks to this technique of cultivation the strong thickset seedling with well developed root system and buds turns out. Try this method - you will not regret.]