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What they are ballroom dances?

Ballroom dances, probably, the most graceful and esthetic sport. A sport in spite of the fact that is called as dances. It is the sport demanding considerable expenses of force and energy. Sports dances competitions, the various championships, competitions in ballroom dances keep dancers in a tone and a form, teach endurance and composure, cultivate will power and belief in a victory.

And at the same time this art, fascinating beautiful. To watch a dancing couple - incomparable pleasure. Ball dance is a book which wants to be read on one breath. It is music which envelops and carries away far - far in dreamland and dreams. Ball dance is a performance in which only two actors - the man and the woman are involved. He tells about feelings, passion, relationship of couple. And therefore it is always actual and modern.

As obligatory attribute of ballroom dances serves the parquet. Only on the parquet polished to gloss dancing couples can flit. It is necessary to notice, the parquet slippery and demands a certain skill and skill. Sometimes it is difficult for the beginning dancer to resist and not to lose balance during the next pas.

Competitions in ballroom dances include two types of disciplines: European and Latin American dances. European the program of ballroom dances is a slow waltz, a tango, the Vienna waltz, a slow foxtrot and a quickstep (a fast foxtrot).

The modern slow waltz was born in 20 years of the twentieth century in England, and therefore is sustained and noble as good English tea.

A tango - dance of passion and desire, his primogenitors are the Argentina and Spanish national dances. The tango combines precipitancy and a sudden stop, determination and unexpected change of the direction of dance. It is dance of the strong, but sensual gentleman and gentle, but rebellious lady.

The Vienna waltz - the king of ballrooms. Dance into three accounts is danced and differs from others in a smaller set of elements. However it does not say that dance is simple. It is one of the most difficult dances. It is allowed to turn on a parquet without jumpings and toptaniye not to each couple. The more smoothly couple moves, the it is more professional. From such dancers it is impossible to tear off a look.

Difficult dance also the slow foxtrot is considered. He demands to himself special respect, and therefore not at once gives in to dancers. Only continuous trainings are capable to soften haughty temper of a foxtrot. But it is worth it. It is dance of the long, continuous and sliding movements. A slow foxtrot - majestic dance which is better for executing on big spacious platforms.

And, at last, fast foxtrot (or quickstep), complete antithesis to a slow foxtrot. A quickstep - dance flashing, live, accurate, joyful. Dance of youth and enthusiasm, and therefore has to be executed easily and easy.

The Latin American dances, or as dancers speak, Latina - it is a samba, cha - cha - cha, a point, paso doble and a jive.

The Brazilian samba - the most clockwork and cheerful dance. It is enough to remember dancers of a samba on a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro to understand, on how many dance it is bright and brilliant. A samba - dance of flirtation and love. Cha`s

- cha - cha, the name of this dance means the clearness, sharpness, speed. The youngest dance in the program of the Latin American dances. Appeared as a result of merge points and mambas. Stylish and original dance.

A point - dance of passion and love. Perhaps, a point - a shower of the Latin American dances. Dance is urged to show grace, flexibility and, the main thing, sensuality of the partner. The role of the partner - to help it with it.

Paso doble transfers the viewer to bullfight where the partner is a courageous torero, and the partner - an embodiment of its force and composure.

A jive - vigorous carefree dance, the relative fate - N - a beater. Active jumps and rises, sharp change of places and positions are inherent in a jive.

Here such they, ballroom dances. It is worth noticing that gentlemen dance the European program in dress coats, and ladies in ball dresses in a floor. Character of the Latin American program frivolous, and therefore suits open, bright, free.

You teach children to this beautiful view of sport. Ballroom dances train all groups of muscles, teach endurance and endurance, aspiration to a victory, and, of course, bring up sense of beauty!]