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Vista: how to use ReadyBoost?

For what ReadyBoost is intended?

of Windows ReadyBoost is a technology of support of increase of productivity of system. Acceleration of work of system is carried out due to use of an empty seat (caching) on connected to the personal computer (as a rule, through USB port) the removable device (a memory card, a flash card, a figurative removable disk).

How to use the ReadyBoost function

If on your personal computer the Avtozapusk function is included :

- at connection of a removable disk in a dialog box Avtozapusk choose to Accelerate work of system, using Windows ReadyBoost ;

- will open a window of Property: A removable disk -> the ReadyBoost tab ;

- the system will define how many places can be reserved on this device (if it is less empty seat, than it is required to system, it will not be possible to involve ReadyBoost until you make room);

- install the switch to Use this device -> OK .

If the Avtozapusk function is turned off:

- open the Computer , allocate the Removable disk which you want to use for ReadyBoost;

- click of the right button of a mouse open a context menu -> Properties ;

- in a window of Property: A removable disk open the ReadyBoost tab ;

- further, as in the first case.

How to disconnect ReadyBoost

If you do not use ReadyBoost, then can turn off this function (by default it is included on autostart). For this purpose:

- press Start-up -> the Control panel -> Administration -> Services (or Start-up -> in the line Begin Search enter of services. msc -> Enter );

- find of ReadyBoost in a window of Service ;

- double click of the left button of a mouse cause the ReadyBoost window - properties and;

- in the dropping-out Start Type list choose It is disconnected (or Manually ) -> OK .


1. When the removable device is used for ReadyBoost the reserved place (the file of a cache ReadyBoost - of ReadyBoost. sfcache ) cannot be used for storage of other files.

2. The recommended memory size for acceleration of ReadyBoost makes from one up to three volumes of random access memory (RAM) installed on the personal computer. For example, if the memory size of the personal computer makes 512 MB and USB - the device a flash - memories with a capacity of 4 GB is connected, allocation from 512 MB to 1,5 GB of capacity of this device will provide the best acceleration of productivity.

3. If you want to cancel use of the removable device for ReadyBoost, in a window of Property: A removable disk open the ReadyBoost tab -> install the switch not to use this device -> OK .

4. Actually ReadyBoost is a same file of pumping, only faster (i.e. surpasses ReadyBoost in speed of the RAM, ReadyBoost surpasses the file of pumping).

5. You should not expect the notable growth of increase of speed of the personal computer when using ReadyBoost. Speed increases, but it is not as essential how it would be desirable.

6. If there is a choice between increase in volume of random access memory and use of ReadyBoost, then it is better to increase RAM volume.

7. Use of ReadyBoost allows quickly - in marching conditions, on a trip, in business trip, literally - on a knee - to increase speed of the laptop when to increase the volume of the RAM there is no opportunity.

8. At connection of the removable device the system checks it on professional suitability . If it does not conform to requirements of ReadyBoost, the message " will appear; This device does not possess the necessary characteristics for support of acceleration of work of the " system;.]