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History of one evening or Is Li Halyava on the Internet?

Halyava - are something magic in it the word attracting. As though one million dollars offer you. All dream to receive something for free. And why? Because the freebie is a gift, and all of us love gifts. As the famous character from " spoke; Diamond hand : For free both yazvennik, and nondrinkers " drink;.

So it a freebie and where she lives? I resolved this issue to set, to the one who promises to find everything, that is to Yandex. On inquiry by the word freebie it issued 8 454 403 pages. Really on the Internet there is so much freebie???

I decided to spend hour to networks and to try to receive something for free. Found the website about a freebie, and there references where it is possible to order many differences for free. I click on the links, they open the websites with the same list of the websites of a freebie: Received the mobile phone for free , Yesterday sent the " laptop; , Won $300 . Such announcements will not leave indifferent. I began to open all these links, but they led to the same lists of the websites again and again. There passed hour, but that there was a wish for a freebie, and I continued searches.

Found the Russian Internet - shop which plays seemingly every week 10 mobile phones . Everything that is necessary - it is to be registered. Not really - that was believed that the Russian shops can make such gifts, but was just in case registered. And suddenly? Then in a week the letter came to soap: You won SE K750I phone. Congratulations. For registration of a prize we ask to send your passport data in electronic form . Even through pink glasses, the last phrase raised doubts. It developed into alarm and forced to climb with questions to Yandex again.

Looked for a compromising evidence on this shop and right there found it. At several forums discussion of a burning topic was conducted: To Send - not to send . It is a lot of won, and there are also a lot of those who warn that then will use the passport and will issue the credit on nothing the unaware person. Big risks - doubtful benefit. Did not begin to send. And so I will live.

Came, at last, to the website where spoke as well as where to fill in the questionnaire to receive the mobile phone or the laptop from rich foreigners. It was necessary to be registered at the European auction, to become the active participant, that is to find expensive goods on which there are no rates yet and to put such price that it was beaten surely or the seller removed lot. Then they will send the reference, having come on which it is possible to choose a gift. Filled in the questionnaire, became the active participant, the letter came, but the word about a gift was there. Fiasco? It became offensive for

during the time spent for nothing. But then there was one more website of a freebie in which it was possible to order stickers, disks, magazines, t-shirts. Eh, the last time I will try I thought and stayed in the Internet still a couple of hours . It was registered everywhere where it is only possible. On the English websites and American, that in Australia and New Zealand. A mailbox, as well as advised the Internet - acquaintances, specified the fact that comes to an end on. com

I that as a result? Tired eyes, the spent Internet - traffic and are a little freebies, truth small . Sent the cards smelling of spirits, magazines, couple of disks. Though without this good it was possible to live perfectly. Large things and did not send .]