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Who the first learned to create special effects in the movies?

on January 21, 1938, 70 years ago in nursing home of members of benefit association of film workers in the Orly the ordinary lodger died. To it went 77 - y year, and therefore persons interested to follow him to the grave it appeared not so - that and much - unless the same poor colleagues from nursing home and personnel of this almshouse. After a while France was occupied by Germany, and in 80 - the anniversary since the birth of this person very few people remembered it. And only 23 years later, in December, 1961 memory, at last, returned to French, and they solemnly noted 100 - the anniversary since the birth of very uncommon personality, the person who opened to public the real cinema. Called him Georges Melies.

And first hardly anyone could assume that from little George such legendary person will turn out. The boy was born on December 8, 1861 in Paris in a family of the owner of factory of model footwear. And, naturally, his father dreamed that several decades later he will give the business to the son. And even sent the matured George graduated by then from lyceum and served in army to London that the guy thoroughly learned English in the homeland of the primary source. And the guy equaled hopes of the father - in English spurred quite tolerably moreover and necessary secured with communications. In a word, as it seemed to the father, everything went way Even more monsieur Melies was convinced by

of it when 21 - summer George became the commercial director of his factory. Affairs went uphill, George had obviously expressed trade vein. Here only one circumstance afflicted the father - the son, besides work at factory, was fond of drawing. At first daddy looked at this entertainment as on a whim, then suddenly found several creations of the son in the " magazine enjoying wide popularity; La Griff . People liked courageous style of Jack Smayl (as George signed the works). And on it somehow imperceptibly Melies - the senior lost any influence on the son - seldom which of parents manages to cage a bird of creativity even if also gold!

Of course the father did not think that he will bore George at factory in five years. But and occurred because Melies - younger was interested in art. And as he earned solidly and which - what kapitalets had, once dumbfounded the father with the message that Robert - Uden in whom various tricks and focuses were shown buys theater. Moreover, George often acted as the director directed by the dizziest tricks. The theater enjoyed wide popularity and brought to Melies both money, and glory soon day on December 28, 1895 when well-known brothers Lumiere arranged the first film screening became

Rotary in George`s destiny. Georges Melies became one of the most attentive and interested audience. Having torn through crowd of the enthusiastic audience, George suggested brothers to sell to a descent a chamber. And, offered such money against which hardly who would resist. But brothers flatly refused to make it!

Others on Melies`s place would begin to sprinkle the ashes on the head. But the enterprising Frenchman everything increased a rate, hoping that Lyumyera will tremble. And when it was convinced that it is all the same waited by refusal, right there jerked to the English capital. And good luck smiled to it - he bought a movie camera then he with great feeling undertook production of movies.

By and large works of brothers Lumiere were enough - primitive, the public was bewitched by the movement on the screen. About any tricks and special effects of the speech did not go. All this was opened in 1897 by Melies. Once it made shooting from a window. Removed an omnibus. As suddenly the chamber unnaturally zastrekotat and George stopped it to correct. Having developed a film, he saw that the omnibus at some moment turned into funeral trough valleys. And men who tried to sit down in an omnibus were heart-broken relatives of the dead.

So in Melies`s head the first trick was born. After a while he found effect of the slowed-down and accelerated shootings that too brought the beginning director, much comical in movies. And all for 1897 George shot about 60 movies. But even not it was the main thing - Melies built the first cine pavilion of glass and concrete in which he began to model this or that situation, using various scenery. Here where experience of statement of tricks in theater Robert - Uden was useful.

And what plots were? Fairy tale! Here to you and history Battle on streets of India and Dances in a harem and the first if it is possible to be expressed, animated films for children: Cinderella . And it is even more - if brothers Lumiere let out is black - white movies, then Melies for the first time tried to let out color. For this purpose the film was manually painted with paints by means of a brush. Courteous that at first movie length seldom exceeded 20 meters, it is possible to present how many artists crept while the movie did not turn into color!

And all for the first 15 years of the film activity Georges Melies let out about five hundred tapes!

But nobody repealed laws of capitalism! Too the director of special effects was fond of stage shootings. And his competitors did not sleep, preferring to remove nature. But not this main thing in financial crash of Melies. World War I began, and it gave big fat up as a bad job further work of Melies. At this time over the ocean several large film studios, and soon the American expansion were created by a wave overflowed Europe Is not present

, Melies was not idle, he tried to do something. But its financial opportunities were very limited. It had to sell the studio, and movies were waited by a fate of the second volume Dead souls - in a rage attack the author just burned all the works.

Perhaps, something could also be corrected, but Melies never got used to be the second. He tried to delete cinema from life, and became just kind wizard who gives to children pleasure. George opened at one of the Parisian stations a booth for sale of toys, and was engaged in it for many years. Children loved this strange monsieur who at shortage of money at parents of the kid could concede tin tell-tales for the available cash to

the French cinema, unfortunately, remembered George already when it was an old sick person, almost helpless. Then - that it was also defined in nursing home of members of benefit association of film workers where he quietly died

Is cruel? No doubt! But whether reminds you this same heartless attitude of film officials towards those who created glory of cinema and in our country? Let`s remember at least destiny of Tamara Syomina who died in absolute poverty and almost forgotten by the Union of cinematographers. Unfortunately, the human glory passes very quickly ]