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Road to cynics. When the woman strikes back?

often tell Me unpleasant things. Words will so painfully wound sometimes. I try to be protected from external influences of world around. All should study - otherwise heavy to live. People angry and envious and if they manage to grope weakness - will just peck.


Ya I fry eggs with bacon for my darling. I so want to make to it pleasant. Woke up. Now will come, at first will be delighted, and then will gently kiss me on a cheek also promurlykat that without me cannot live.

the Shuffling a slipper, here he discontentedly involves air a nose and says:

- Again your rotten eggs?

of the Hand fall. Why it is so? Could keep silent.

I at work.

I Am late. In a smoking-room, as ill luck would have it, I am caught by the boss who was secured in which exactly today - that eyelids earlier venomously to notice that, probably, the charter of firm pisan not for me if I, having been late for half an hour, remorselessly measured gait pass by it, even without having looked down an impudent look.

Where you were, the tyrant when week in a row I came on an hour earlier, and left at three o`clock later, than it is necessary under your foolish charter?

of Ho if he notices this fact, then, perhaps, would not be the boss.

During the lunchtime his assistant jumps around me and tries to find out for what yesterday the chief called me in an office and what we were engaged there within two hours in. It is in love with it, all know about it. It Had me, - I sadly think, - but it at all not what you dream " of;. I know that a bit later she will begin to be indignant loudly with my behavior and to shout that does not understand that such people as the chief, find in such gold-diggers as I.

In the tram an old caterpillar - the brood hen squalls, having goggled that, say, I young, and therefore have to give way to it. And it only because it smokes the earth on some 100 - 150 longer, than I.

Late evening.

Oh, yo! I absolutely forgot about the husband`s relatives. At first shop: quickly I buy up cakes and cakes in assortment. Not to lose face. The mother-in-law adores me. She says that I to it as the daughter. Well and the son, my husband, she, certainly, loves. Ho always notices how she was lucky with the daughter-in-law.

Here she sits and tactfully is surprised why so late, and me there is no house yet? I apologize for late arrival and I make tea. I sweep out refrigerator contents on a table. In 15 minutes the table breaks: sandwiches, easy salatik, the sweets bought by me. Svekrushka takes a plate and begins a monologue As I all life fed the sonny with a lunch and a dinner from three dishes .

That is, of course, I not against sandwiches and salads, but nevertheless at least once in day the man have to eat hot - she adds. Only understand me correctly, I impose nobody the opinion. You are young people. Now all in a new way. Here in my time, for example, more and more baked pies and pancakes, did cakes and cakes. And now only purchased. Give - to me a cake piece. The Mdaaa, not really successful cake, but what to do, but you saved a lot of time. Though Dusik (this is my two-meter thirty-five-year-old husband Danilo) loves house and, the son more? The Son greedy hums, absorbing pie, podbulkivat to the mummy.

There is such day. Usual. Nothing allocated. Now in a shower to be washed from shit and to sleep. Well, happens worse. Perhaps Yes, I am a cynic.

Just understood that it is not necessary to wait until prick you, it is necessary to prick most, and, the more painfully, the better. People will be afraid, therefore - to respect. Well and let. But your composure will not be broken by invasions of envy and meanness from the outside. So, from now on - I not I.

New day - again for work. Today I will not be late. Today I will be faultless. Did in time a smoke break that for 5 minutes to remain alone with the shefovy assistant. As if accidentally I report that the boss asked to address on any questions it.

Yes, yes. He and told that so kind Nadezhda as if a brood hen as if Chip and Dale who hurry to the aid. Therefore also the relation at work to you, as to the second mother, in spite of the fact that to you only 40, huh?

Ha - ha - ha, it extends the person, it will be pleasant to whom when your beloved considers you as forty-year-old chicken, especially, when to you 35!

The chief asks to be late today after work because we do not manage to report to board of directors. Oh, unfortunately, under the charter the working day is finished - I say and I lower the bashful eyes in a floor. In total as you wanted, thick horse-radish. Sit till the night with yourself, by the way, and you can otymet yourself.

Some woman in a mink coat pushes me with a shoulder in the trolleybus. Spitefully growls that I removed a backpack from a shoulder and did not scratch her coat. Well tell. Well, from where it undertook in a similar attire in the simple trolleybus? All this enrages me. Developing to it the face which was full of with advantage, I hiss: Limits came in large numbers to the capital, to disappear from you, market, there is already no place . Also it is proud I turn away aside. The aunt flops on a seat, and becomes her badly! It to it, it - the intellectual in the first generation, the radical Muscovite in the aforesaid knee, I dared to tell similar muck?

The mother-in-law called us on a visit. Us - it is loudly told, if she had her way, it did not let the daughter-in-law on a threshold. Ho the husband loves me, and it has no choice. I buy a yum-yum and I rush home. To manage to feed the husband to a dump before a campaign on a visit. Naturally, at the mother he refuses from lovingly the cooked food. Says that ate well houses.

- And what you were so tasty fed by Lolitochka with? - venomously she questions.

Breadcrumbs, than still, and so nazhrat an ugly face! - I think. And aloud I say: Breadcrumbs, than still, and so nazhrat an ugly face! Mummy turns pale and loudly sighs, and me already all the same. Let does not climb.


my darling the dexterous movement throws off shorts, puts on a pink kondomchik and turns off the light. He is obviously ready for a romantic harmony by

- Again your rotten eggs? - I cut a charm of night. And, having presented as his face was in the dark distorted, I begin to laugh loudly loudly.

Well that for wonderful day!]