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VTF claims: if there is God, then there has to be a Goddess of

In further VTF - the great theorem of Fermat.

Still exist, and we use the following statements:

- Socrates that the person - is mortal;

- rescue from death only by means of wealth, the weapon and force;

- the body which has a name but nobody saw;

- life was created by a supernatural being in certain time;

- life arose repeatedly from lifeless substance;

- life existed always;

- life is brought on our planet from space;

- life resulted from chemical and physical processes.

These statements - fairy tales were considered by practical logic of life and experience, so has to develop and take heart Mankind is moral. New the formulation and the proof of the great theorem of Fermat showed that all statements are not right. Mankind not mortal, but the working engines eternal in parallel. The created any bodies do not disappear, - organisms do not perish, and over time passed from one state into others. Then this body over time completely decay - become a drop and a mote - forces of a magnetic attraction between cages, components this body are absent. If we increase

in billions and trillions of times that we eat, we breathe, speaking we spend energy, we hear, then our outlooks on life very much will change.

should set the return task Now: from a drop and a mote to create this body. In the column there are tasks: dismantling and assembly. I was engaged in dismantling of counts. there is no

If death - it is a dream or a temporary exception of vigorous activity, then all still not solved problems become axioms.

Axiom. If the Mankind continues to live so, then have no prospects on the future. We believe Socrates that the person - is mortal.

Axiom. does not matter whom when where and that (these data can be specified by means of laser equipment, computer and nanotechnology) with the advent of the Universe in which center there is a Sun Time and Life - chain reaction began and became eternal.

Axiom. created the perpetual motion parallel machine and began to work from now on. This process still could not and will not be able to stop the thought-up Mankind: Gods, prophets and others.

Axiom. Eternally in parallel the working engines with various capacities, everyone consist of a set of systems which unites in uniform system - full chromatic two-submultiple counts that are graphic representations of the created bodies and time.

Axiom. Of the same name (2 pluses and 2 minuses) make a start, heteronymic (1 plus and 1 minus) uniting, develop and spend energy of various power.

Axiom. Any created and the bodies created in the future (beginning with the Universe finishing viruses) appear with couples.

Axiom. If the created body the Man, then Graf or God, and the Woman, then the Countess or the Goddess. If there is God, then there has to be a Goddess.

Axiom. If the created body the Woman, then the Matrix, a code - number even and a plus. If the Man, then Patritsa, a code - number odd and a minus sign.

Axiom. Time and Life - systems of cogwheels as hours. Each systems rotate around one motionless axis by 360 degrees clockwise and against it. Make combinations, one enters another, are transferred and accepted, combined, also other actions merge, unwound, reflected, absorbed.

Axiom. They gradually expand the horizons, other planets, including Earth and Mankind appeared and over time develops.

Axiom. In life the uniform schedule days, distributed duties between systems as in a bee family, but, money does not receive for work.

Axiom. Life destroys all who violate its schedule the days which are not carrying out the duties, persons interested to support and keep obsolete branches of life independently whom was, and is, without being sorry about them.

Axiom. Each person of the world were born, and will be born the child.

Axiom. the Child does not know about existence of alphabets, languages, writings, gods, money and others at once.

Axiom. Therefore nobody according to the statement appeared on this world, and nobody is going to leave this world in the same way.

Axiom. Each person of the world which lived and live, there are not planned appeared. Especially not clear the woman or the man, with various cultural, material, corporal and intellectual wealth - artificial intelligence (Robots). Means, in many cases of the man carried out female, and women performed man`s works.

Axiom. the Mankind lived so far. The present is harvests last and seeds of future eras. Harvests were not qualitative, from them the seeded seeds gave - Artificial Intelligence (Robots).

Axiom. Last Times and Lives - what is not present any more, the future - what else is not present; the present is absolutely fleeting.

Axiom. Time and Life incessantly move, and the science and educations take out from these streams that or other phenomena and do eternal and ideal.

Axiom. Science - the necklace consists of a set of sciences - pearls, but keeps on one thread - to Arifgrafa; in that is that uniform science that, stringing pearls not to lose any pearl and not to let go the ends of a thread.

Axiom. Accidents, wars, epidemics strongly affected harvests and seeds, thought only of quantity and that mixed codes.

Axiom. We are seeds, and near and far relatives, divisions into nationalities, the nations, the tribe, religions, the state and others that are wrong.

Axiom. People always wanted to live forever, but at least longer. The aphorism says: The Great creator cannot be greedy and if to give, then does not take back .

Axiom. Any person of the world which lived and live, should not take offense at destiny for the fact that he was born the woman, but not the man and vice versa. He was born not there, and in other place, from those, but not from other parents. Why he died earlier, than another, one is cleverer than another, one handsome, and another is ugly etc. All this there were wandering fires.

Axiom. Each body at the same time lives in the gas, liquid and firm environment. Further it is necessary for Mankind preservations of purity of these Wednesdays.

Axiom. Each created body - the chemical compound turns out with gentle love of association compatible, at the same time divided, multiplied, dependent, independent - 1000 and + 1000 chemical elements.

Axiom. Further development submits to the law: by simple accession of chemical elements it is possible to receive various chemical compounds - bodies, including Mankind. Each body has the color - chemical compounds.

axioms can be continued Now.]