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Time and Life - not the games and not purchase and sale of

of One of mistakes allowed by Mankind is statements: Time and Life - games or purchase and sale. We demanded from all games that they were directed to a victory in war and accumulation of big riches. They were one of sources of disasters which brought to Mankind. And origin, developments and death of organisms considered casual and thought that they can since be regulated by means of big expenses. Without understanding that the created any bodies do not disappear, - organisms do not perish, and over time pass from one state into others. This body over time completely decay - become a drop and a mote.

We still did not understand that two minuses and two pluses make a start but only one minus and one plus are attracted, at the same time make inheritance. We - that united in any ways two minuses and two pluses (put) and came into a fortune. If number X - even, the right last figures one of numbers: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 also has a sign (+), Y - odd - the right last figures one of numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 also has a sign (-), Z - the sum. Then we will receive equalities, and the equations are solved so:

X + Y = Z = X/Y; = Z x Z / (Z +1) Y = Z / (Z+1);

X - Y = Z = X/Y; = Z x Z / (Z - 1) Y = Z / (Z - 1).

of Game will exist until their secrets are opened. To open secrets of each game, it is necessary to know their rules and whether players are able to use them. The victory in any game - to use the opponent`s mistakes and that to draw game, it is necessary to carry out rules of the game precisely. Any game has to will end in a draw 0:0 if all players precisely carry out the functions assigned in them. Meanings of all games consist in a purchase and sale. A fair play does not happen, and that why to play them!

If X - prime costs of the created goods (information, a product etc.) Y - percent, per mille etc. of Z - the profits got as a result of sale and purchase:

X + Y = Z - we sell and we get profits of Z,

X - Y = Z - we buy and we get profits of Z,

X = Z, there is no profit (on what bought, and on sold).

the Profits of Z got as a result of sale and purchase percent - is 1/100 or increased on 100, the per mille - is 1/1000 or All existing games increased for 1000 etc.

have the beginning - a debut, the middle - mittelshpil, the end - an end-game - a triad, and come to an end certain time and the course with a prize, defeat or a draw. Time and the course integers are. They begin with 1 and come to an end with n integer.

All games on record (memory) are always restored and precisely analyzed. Then it is possible to restore participants, the judge and fans - to clone eternal and ideal intelligence.

At cloning of any ideal intelligence and in further life others cage (an embryo, a cell) is as the wrong course in game.

of the Statement Time and Life - games and purchase and sale generated human societies with shortcomings - artificial intelligence (robots) and now we do not know that with them to do: it is a pity to throw out them, to keep there are no places.

Thus, to us it is necessary to study carefully tm. iatp. net.]