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Why it is boring for All to live

hello! I am a debutant and therefore slightly I hesitate. Here, came on the website Life which I visit quite often. I came on it as everything bothered me. Bothered because there is a wish for something that I do not understand. Here also decided to become the author of articles. Because it is boring! At me it is pretty frequent. I would like to answer a question why it becomes boring for millions of people to live in this world.

For the beginning let`s think why we live. And we live to satisfy the requirements which arise in our life. At us there is a lot of requirements, but all of them are similar: to have the car, the house, money and so on. For some reason speaking about meaning of life, all mean about material prosperity. It probably developed as a result occurs in this world: Everywhere there is one money! Money makes the mare go! Who does not have them, that is dead! . But even, those people who are not always rich and provided are happy. For them zakalachivaniye money - a commonplace. They want love! Here so just I answer! Of course this my opinion and at you it can be other. Generally speaking, the sense to live excellent life there is that how many you love people and how many people love you. And when we are in love to us is not boring to live at all! We are vigorous, cheerful and ready to break mountains! But, unfortunately the love happens different and not about it I.

And I want to tell about such concept as a hobby now. In my opinion boringly for us to live from - for the fact that we are not keen. The hobby - gives us incentive! The hobby - adds to us sense to live. The hobby happens different - for someone it to knit, for someone it to drive the car, for someone it to write verses. Each person has the mission! What it at you?

That to find it, it is necessary to look around. It is necessary just to look for! Sitting and idly, we will not achieve anything! Just try to go to kitchen and to prepare something, try to go to music school, to courses of foreign languages, try to write the verse, the song, the first picture. Occupy yourself with something. Many from this what you undertook to you will not be pleasant. But one - that occupation from twenty will please you! How to define? Very simply! To you it will be wanted to make something else in this occupation, you will have a desire to promote further, in you everything will play and to speak: This class! . It is also your mission! Try!

Maybe of course it will interest you not long, but at this moment you will feel on all hundred. You will feel in the plate! You will have a vital satisfaction! And if interest is gone to one occupation means it is time to pass to the following. And can do it the following will make you still happy. Or it will help you to earn big money. There is also it! You need not to be lazy and try only! Also as well as me. Good luck!]