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What conceals in itself trust management?

the person who decided to invest the money are faced by the mass of possible ways to solve this problem. This publication is also devoted to the description of one of them. It will be a question of trust management.

Many of us have heard a lot about the fantastic income gained by owners of securities. At first sight can seem that for the nonspecialist investment into securities - bad job. But it far not so. The expert to be optional at all. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to know elements of investment science, and to start it will be quite enough.

Especially for those who have means for investment and the desire to enclose them, but has no desire to study all investment kitchen there is also so-called a trust management .

This way of investment provides transfer by the investor of own means to the Trustee. That, in turn, operates the means entrusted to it with the uniform purpose - maximizing yours, and, of course, own, the income. In other words, trust management is that other as the management of the raised funds of the investor limited in time and regulated by the relevant contract. Among these means can be not only money, as in a case with Mutual funds, but also securities, real estate and other property.

As well as each investment tool, trust management has the distinctive features:

- exclusively legal entity can be the trustee;

- is not allowed a creditirovaniye of the third parties at the expense of the attracted investments;

- is not allowed payment of own debts by use of the entrusted assets of investors;

- all employees of management have to have the corresponding certificates of qualified specialists;

- is provided an individual approach to assets of each certain investor, in other words, money does not get in general copper as it occurs in case of banks or mutual funds.

As for liquidity of invested funds - here everything is simply and is transparent. At any convenient time you can back take away the investments without hindrances moreover and without having lost at the same time the profit. In this plan of DU the interval mutual fund or the bank deposit where at early withdrawal of funds the profit is inevitably lost looks much more attractively, than.

As well as to all other ways of investment, trust management the risk of loss of a contribution or, at least, is inherent in low profitability. Here (however, as well as in a case with mutual fund, OFBU or commercial bank), everything depends on the concrete organization, respectively, its experience, level of professionalism of performers etc.

Finishing this publication, it is necessary to tell several words about the main criterion defining appeal of this type of investment - profitability. The indication of concrete figure, I think, will be inappropriate. But it is necessary - to tell everything that amplitude of its fluctuation is in limits of 5 - 15% monthly that is approximately equal to 60 - 180% per annum. From this value, of course, it is necessary to take away commission charges of the trustee and income tax. But here all again - depends on the concrete organization chosen by you to which you will entrust the savings.

Be consecutive in the choice, good luck and profitability to you!]