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To rejoice as long as possible to cosmetics bag contents? Especially for girls of

Purchase: be rational

1. Try not to acquire cosmetics spontaneously. Then you have more chances to buy that it is really necessary for you, but not to progusarit everything that is acquired by back-breaking toil, on remarkable at first sight, but absolutely unnecessary green lipstick.

2. All know, the &ndash market; not the best place for acquisition of qualitative cosmetics. In shop there are less chances to fork up on a fake or the spoiled goods. A guarantee of honest trade is the check which needs to be taken away with itself - you never know.

3. Be not lazy periodically to go to " shop; on investigation - to look at novelties, to stock up with booklets, samplers. And then everything you will attentively study houses in a quiet situation, you will test and you will consider. Do not hesitate to ask brochures from sellers, unfortunately, not all guess to spread them on a show-window.

River S. If there is a tendency to to a gusarstvo with itself not to take money one investigation better.

4. Some cosmetic companies let out means in to economic packing (for example, shampoos in big bottles). Agree, the tempting offer - to get 500 ml of shampoo at the price as for 250 ml. But if you did not use this or that means yet, you should not pursue low cost. In - the first, it is unknown whether it will suit you, and in - the second, maybe, you just will not manage to spend it to expiry date.

5. Novelties in the market of cosmetics appear now very often and as there is a wish to get them everything! Fight against a temptation! Otherwise you risk to stock up on the same means (even if different firms) which will sadly become dusty on the shelf waiting for the turn. Plan better that you will buy this means now and when it ends, you will get another.

Use: be accurate

6. Purity - guarantee of health, well and beauty, of course, and therefore get cream from a jar a special rake (not to bring in cream of a bacterium) better, apply lipstick with a brush (it allows not only to make up accurately sponges, but also to use lipstick up to the end), and shadows, blush, &mdash powder; applicators, brushes which regularly wash.

7. To avoid any troubles, strictly follow the instruction for use of this or that cosmetic.

8. If you incidentally spilled, for example, shampoo or make-up remover milk, you should not bring together him back in a jar, otherwise means will just deteriorate.

9. Remember: the decorative cosmetics has to be only yours. And not from - for greed, and from precaution: for example, others lipstick can be a herpes carrier.

Storage: be economical

10. And decorative cosmetics you should not store means on care of face skin in a bathroom where constantly warmly and it is damp. Also preserve the cosmetics against direct sunshine and sources of heat.

11. All jars - small bottles have to be densely closed - besides from precaution (you never know there can fly and contact with air is not useful to them). Do not throw out the polyethylene or paper laying lying under a lid of creams. They interfere with air penetration too.

Reanimation: be inventive

12. Mascara began to dry up? It does not matter! Take a flakonchik in a glass with warm   water; - ink in a trice will recover . Only do not take in head to pour into it water or spirits, it you will not rescue it.

13. If nail varnish thickened, add to it several drops of liquid for removal of a varnish and take for a drive a bottle between palms. After use wipe internal part of a cap with the cotton wool moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish, and grease a neck of a bottle with vaseline - then the varnish will always easily open.

14. Sometimes the pencil core for lips, eyes or eyebrows when sharpening crumbles. Just put a pencil for ten minutes in the refrigerator, and this problem will be solved.

15. Shampoo, balm or shower gel remained very little? Turn a small bottle upside down and leave it in such situation for the night, during this time the remains will flow down down. It will be a penultimate portion, and the last - just pour in it a little water and use the turned-out solution. Parting: be ruthless

Can happen so that you did not manage to use means to expiry date. It is a pity, but it is necessary to leave it immediately, otherwise you are waited by troubles. And if the expiration date during use was erased or was specified on a box which you threw out? It is possible to define the deteriorated cosmetics as follows:

- cream changed a consistence (thickened, became liquid or it began to be stratified), color (white cream turned yellow, and dark voice-frequency became brown), lumps, kristallik or an unpleasant smell appeared;

- powder, blush, shadows died if they changed color or the white or yellow raid appeared;

- if favourite lipstick lays down unevenly (most often a smell pro-rancid), its place - in a garbage can unpleasantly smells.