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The romantic dinner - is ideas?

the Romantic dinner - the phrase which fairly stuck in teeth. Perhaps, only its filling is more bothered: any person notified on the romantic dinner expecting him approximately knows that it is necessary to it - flowers, candles, the twilight, a gentle music. Romantically, of course, but, when it not in the first, and even not for the tenth time - does not surprise... And, actually, who it told that there cannot be other romanticism? I suggest to dream up and experiment with surroundings and with the menu

1) Where?

In the country, outdoors . At us it is Kok - Tyube and a dam over Medeo, and in your hometown, for certain, there are couple of places where there is no noise of cars, but there are a fresh air and tremendous stars. And even if on the street winter, not terribly! It will be so pleasant to be heated together in the car and to drink hot tea from a thermos.

What to give for dinner?

it is Not so important. The main thing - that was convenient to be eaten. And, if you decided to treat darling(s) with a small fish, then take care of lack in it of bones and of existence in your luggage carrier of the deodorizing wet towel wipes. Ware - too on your discretion. It is possible to manage pies which do not demand a container. And it is possible to feel the conjurer, having installed on a concrete parapet two glasses of Bohemian glass and flood on them expensive wine.

2) Where?

In the pool . it is good if you have own. But, in principle, the leased sauna with the pool will approach. Two rubber rings will perfectly replace chairs, and it is possible to lay the table on a pool side, or to risk and use an air mattress as a little table. Soft lighting and pleasant music in this option superfluous will not be.

What to give for dinner?

Everything that does not demand use of tableware - rather inconveniently to be picked by a fork a plateau, rocking on water. In general, it is better to refuse ware (an exception - for glasses). If you decided to place food on an air mattress, then by drawing up the menu it is necessary to consider that all its components can suddenly appear in water. I purposely do not call concrete dishes which it is worth refusing because tastes at all different, and, perhaps, personally you are not frightened at all by prospect to lap in the pool in which puddles of fat sauce - well and please swim! If only your half divided your tastes.

3) Where?

On a roof . Well, of course, romanticism of city roofs - not my opening. But how many you know people in whose life there was a similar dinner? That is the same! So, we will need a free exit to a roof and good weather. Yes, nearly forgot! It will be still necessary not to forget that in it the house there live also other people, so, it is necessary to try that our holiday did not become for them a source of negative emotions. The organization of action, besides, leaves a scope for the imagination - from the outspread plaid to the little table which is taken out upward and notorious candles.

What to give for dinner?

All that your physical training will allow you to take out on a roof (and do not forget what then will need also to be cleaned up). In general, I would not recommend to raise at three changes of dishes and a dessert - is troublesome and romanticism of the place can be destroyed. You should not also try to prepare directly on a roof (we do not forget about neighbors and fire safety). Best of all, it seems to me, something like pizza (or any other pie) or sandwiches, perhaps, ice cream can become good end of such dinner.

4) Where?

In the apartment . Yes, your own apartment can become fine alternative to restaurant And to try to make to anything it similar to a public catering institution even if the most expensive. Your plus - your identity. Table layout, furniture of the room, music - all this has to emphasize it only. Who told that it is impossible to carry out a romantic dinner under Rammstein, sitting on a floor among the scattered soft toys?

What to give for dinner?

Well, certainly, a hit of all times and the people. But it does not mean that, without having culinary skills or time for cooking, you need to refuse this idea! It is possible to order food - still nobody cancelled delivery. And it is possible to spread out different types of bread and a wide choice of sauces and other sandwich-type components on a table and to dream together, preparing an entertainment for each other. And it is possible for

Yes what it I, really? You and already presented what you could undertake to strike darling? Here and forward! And (or it) the surprised eyes will be an award to you it. Only do not overdo - correct surprise has to be replaced in 1 - 5 minutes by admiration. And if surprised during all action sits in a condition of silent shock, so you did not consider something though Perhaps, you just invited not that person to the romantic dinner?.]