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What to begin with to learn to juggle well?

Juggling - a fine way to develop coordination of movements, dexterity, force of hands. It is possible to surprise with juggling friends and to entertain any company: from the objects which are beautifully flying from one hand to another nobody will look away!

So, suppose, you are already full of desire to seize to they are rather easy, I will tell you! - art. First question: with what to juggle? Usually begin with balls or any sferoobrazny objects. It can be the oranges, soft balls filled by sand or grain, and in general everything that will come to hand. There are two main conditions of the choice of objects for juggling. By the size they have to be approximately about a tennis ball, and about 150 have to weigh gr. Soft balls are convenient that they do not slide anywhere, elastic balls look more beautiful (though on taste and color...) but can far be gone. Tennis balls are ideal by the size, but they are too easy: such do not suit the beginning juggler.

How I did? I had one remarkable, nice on the touch rubber ball, by the size exactly - in - exactly as tennis. Rather heavy, weighs 160 gr. Such balls are used as a shell for a throwing, for example, at physical education classes. Also I had two tennis balls which I weighted at the expense of that... what pumped up water! It is very simple. You buy the syringe, it is desirable at least on 20 ml. You fill it with water, you insert a needle into a tennis ball and you enter water. And so 2 - 3 times until the ball becomes rather heavy. I would recommend that several times it was not necessary to puncture a ball, after introduction to it injections to leave a needle in a ball, and to fill the syringe with water separately and to connect to a needle which is already inserted into a ball.

There now, the equipment got, we will start directly trainings . For a start we need only one ball. We have hands as in figure 1, and we throw a ball from one in another. Elbows should not be pressed to sides, only hands from an elbow to fingers ideally have to move, we do not move shoulders! You have to stand so: knees are slightly bent, right (at right-handed persons) the leg is a little ahead. If your ball constantly strives to touch you on a nose, on the contrary, to depart somewhere forward, juggle about a wall, it will help your balls not to lose the correct trajectory. It is quite good to juggle over a bed as you should not creep long on a floor in search of balls, respectively, you will spend more than forces for juggling, than for search of a requisite.

When you will achieve good performance of exercise with one ball (though, most likely, will just bother you), can pass to two . Nothing difficult, just both hands (fig. 2) at the same time work. If it is impossible, you can return to the first exercise. You watch that both balls flew at identical height (approximately at the level of eyes), and you did not throw one of a hand in a hand at the level of a stomach, it is already an element from a so-called Shower, or Shower.

It is time to pass to the most interesting - to juggling with three balls ! We will learn to juggle with cascade (in Russian it will be the cascade, but sometimes the cascade is called other figure, in English the called shower). Saytsvop cascade - 333. Saytsvop is called a certain code of a figure. Number of figures in it - the number of balls, each figure bears certain information. For example, 3 means that the ball is thrown from a hand in a hand approximately at the level of eyes. 1 means just transfer from a hand in a hand (in a straight line), 5 - the ball is thrown over the head and caught by other hand. Even figures mean that the ball remains in the same hand. The it is more than a figure, the more height.

In figure 3 you can see what is required from you at this grade level! There is no need so far to juggle fully: just make an exchange of balls, as shown in animation. If everything turned out truly, stop, mentally be glad to good luck and continue.

As soon as you will understand that you are ready to begin to juggle really, do the same exchange, but without being slowed down for a second (compare fig. 3 and 4). You juggle! I congratulate you!

But it is not a limit yet, there is a set of figures for juggling, and still it is possible to juggle with maces, knives and in general than it will want. There is no limit to perfection!]