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How to look for a freebie on the Internet?

For a freebie - a way of life, such people look for it everywhere. Why and to us not to try? And where the advanced people look for everything? Correctly, on the Internet. Generally, which - that for the beginning halyavoiskatel.

In - the first, the freebie is! you Can not trust, but it the truth is! If you do not trust, do not waste time and do not read this article.

In - the second, a freebie of the Internet it is possible to consider rather conditional. Because until you find something real, you will spend a plenty of time / traffic to what only your provider very much will be glad. The desire to receive a gift was not gone yet? Then - in the Network!

How to look for. Yes have no place

more simply: we include a favourite search engine, and forward! You will gather simply freebie - receive such heap of any nonsense that hardly you will dig out in it something standing. Therefore the first step - the correct inquiry. It is possible to try freebie Internet . It is good to attribute still that we want to receive free of charge, for example freebie " t-shirt;. The scope for the imagination is unlimited.

The searcher in a trice will give the mountain of the most tempting addresses. To visit all lives (and a traffic) will not be enough, and, above all, the majority is absolute for you are useless. Where to go? Couple of simple councils.

1. Read the page address. The normal website about a freebie and has to be called respectively, halyavno - safely click there where you will see something like halyava, haliava, free, etc. of

2. You watch dates. In the Network mad quantity long ago outdate (and as ill luck would have it, promising so much good) the websites. You need the freshest freebie - visit the pages dated at most last month.

I will tell honestly, a pursuit of a gift, as a rule, terribly entertaining thing. For certain you will find the hugest lists of gifts, will press on some Free mobile phone of 100% to get on the following huge resource of a freebie, again to click on references, the next portal of a freebie For some reason the largest websites such almost entirely refer at each other, and you as the enraged mouse, you run round behind the free cheese. And as pleasantly after such here races to find the " collection in the favourite computer; trojans . And, even if you will not find them, it does not mean at all that there are no viruses in your computer.

Let`s say all of you - found a good resource. Then - forward!

How to order

of What you will only not be promised by mysterious sponsors for drawing attention: catalogs, mouse rugs, undershirts, caps, CD, cosmetics, mobile phones, laptops Some even send food! The choice for you! One is bad: the probability to receive a desirable gift is inversely proportional degrees of its usefulness. The mobile phone to you will hardly be sent, but some absolutely unnecessary catalog of production - easily. Well and than badly, free of charge. At the worst these pieces of paper it is possible to heat an oven in the village!

Generally, strongly do not bury, order something small and useful, like a t-shirt or a brasletik. Procedure of the order, as a rule, standard: you visit the sponsor`s website, you fill in the questionnaire: name, surname, address, etc. Sometimes in addition it is necessary to answer several questions. Here it is possible to lie as much as necessary, but all - try that it was similar to the truth. As sponsors foreign, the form for filling will be, certainly, in English, and it is necessary to fill with Latin letters, well it and is so clear. The main thing, attentively fill all fields.

Surely specify the real e - mail. By the way, after the order of a freebie on given " soap; as a rule, solid portions of spam (absolutely unnecessary mailings, advertizing and other garbage) come. Therefore it is quite good to get a separate mailbox for these purposes, it is desirable not coming to an end on. ru: many sponsors do not love Russia, and some, apparently, do not even know what is it. Otherwise how to explain questionnaires in which it is necessary to choose the country from the list and there of in a row Russia and Russian Federation - break - the head from where you. In total anything, but for the power offensively.

When to expect

Not soon. The parcel from America will go for certain few months. During this time you twenty times will manage to forget that you ordered to yourself favourite a gift. It will be more pleasant to those when you unexpectedly find it in a mailbox. The disappointment when you understand that net freebies is less! Or nevertheless is, just artful Russian mail carriers intercepted your posylochka ]