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Why the composer Rimsky-Korsakov went to coast of America?

the Naval service was predetermined to Nikolay Andreevich since the childhood. Rod Rimskikh - Korsakov became famous in Russia as voyenno - sea, it now he is better known as composer.

By the time of the birth of the younger son (on March 6, 1844) Andrey Petrovich Rimsky-Korsakov was out of work. In due time he held positions Novgorod vice-the governor and the civil governor of the Volynsk province, but was dismissed for free-thinking and the help to the Decembrists following in the reference whom lent (without hoping for return) by money. He always adhered to progressive views that was shown even in his marriage. Sofya Vasilyevna, the illegitimate daughter of the landowner V. Ya. Skaryatin and his serf became mother of future composer. She got a good education, knew French, loved music and not bad played grand piano. It imparted love to music also to the younger son. Nikolay had a perfect ear and fine musical memory. But I did not dream to become the musician, studied music not especially diligently, and I was captivated by thought to be a seaman - the composer remembered subsequently.

In the childhood he most of all loved when letters from the elder brother came. The soldier Andreevich (The soldier - a name hereditary) already served as the naval officer in a sort, went to far swimmings, ordered the well-known schooner East in E. V. Putyatin`s expedition to coast of Japan. From his letters and stories at infrequent visits of the parental house before the boy there was a beautiful and attracting world of the sea. When term approached, Nikolay with pleasure left from remote Tikhvin to St. Petersburg to come to Sea military school.

Music Nikolay continued studies also in St. Petersburg. On his happiness he got acquainted with the great pianist Fedor Andreevich Kanille and began to take lessons from it. Kanille helped it to liquidate many flaws in music education, acquainted with young composers Balakirev, Mussorgsky and Kyui with whom Nikolay quickly made friends.

Balakirev not only became the musical mentor of Rimsky-Korsakov, but also exerted enormous impact on formation it as composer. The talent it in my opinion surpassed any border possible, and each his word and judgment were for me unconditional truth - Nikolay Andreevich remembered subsequently.

In 1862 Nikolay made in naval cadets was appointed to a clipper " Diamond; going to long swimming to coast of America. Swimming lasted more than 2,5 years, during this time " Diamond; visited Kiel, Copenhagen, New - York, Baltimore, Rio - - Zhaneyro, Toulon, Lisbon and some other ports. Nikolay not only well mastered naval business, was made in warrant officers (the first officer rank on fleet), but also forever fell in love with the sea, having become subsequently, according to contemporaries, the best musical marine painter .

The campaign of the Russian ships to the American coast (two squadrons) carried out important political function from 12 ships - prevention of intervention of England and France in civil war in the USA. Seamen carried out the task successfully therefore in the American ports they were given a very cordial welcome, holding for them a reception and balls. In America Nikolay for the first time heard Fausta Gounod who made big impression on him. It got notes and during trips on the coast executed to companions on a piano fragments from the opera.

Nikolay devoted time, free from watches, to reading and music. I continue to compose, - he wrote Balakireva, - I have in the head already two subjects for the new symphony, very much want to compose some chorus on Pushkin or Lermontov`s verses, or some fantastic chorus, for example, chorus of mermaids . Subsequently in the fantastic operas it realized also not such fantastic projects.

In December, 1865, in half a year after return from swimming, the premiere 1 - y the symphony which was born under noise of ocean winds and splash of waves took place. In Russia the new original composer appeared.

Some more years Nikolay remained on service, received the following rank of the lieutenant (corresponded shtabs - to the captain in army), but did not go to sea campaigns any more, and all the time gave to music.

It should be noted, as after retirement he did not leave fleet, having become the inspector voyenno - sea choruses (brass bands). Control over orchestras and their repertoire on all fleet, the management of conductors, monitoring of pupils of conservatory - scholars of sea department belonged to its duties. He devoted to this troublesome business more than 10 years. I do not know whether sea choruses will sometime play with such finishing and it is as harmonous as then, but that before they never had to be brought up so - I am confident in it - he wrote subsequently.

During the same period he began to teach in Sankt - the St. Petersburg conservatory, headed Free music school, was the assistant to the managing director of the Court singing chapel, it is a lot of and with inspiration composed. Opera Resident of Pskov became the first large work 25 - the summer composer, got success at public and kind responses of criticism. Followed it May night and Snow Maiden enthusiastically met by admirers of talent of the composer which at it became more and more. The success was undoubted. Its music began to call fantastic and bewitching. In total Rimsky-Korsakov created 15 operas which and with success go today not only in Russia, but also on opera scenes of many countries.

The Russian national song was special love of the composer. Rimsky-Korsakov collected, wrote down and harmonized (made piano maintenance) a significant amount of songs. The collection " became result of laborious work; Hundred Russian national songs . The reverent attitude to the national song was reflected in all his creativity, influenced the choice of subjects, plots and characters of opera works, on character of its musical language.

It should be noted that the creative heritage of Rimsky-Korsakov is various, he wrote lyrical romances and symphonic works, cantatas and the arioso, serious instrumental music. After death of M. P. Mussorgsky, A. P. Borodin, A.S. Dargomyzhsky he did not feel sorry for forces and time for completion of works unfinished by them.

In 1907 Rimsky-Korsakov created the last opera - the fairy tale - Golden Cockerel but did not manage to see it on a scene any more. The composer died on the night of June 8, 1908. The great master and the true patriot of Russia died, but there was his music which is known around the world, and his pupils. Already in Soviet period Nikolay Andreevich`s business was continued by his grandson Georgi who became the composer.]