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Why people write about how to earn one million? Unless they write

A about it? Write, write, still as write. Here, for example, five pieces offhand.


, How many psychological barriers on the way to one million dollars?


Where you will put the one million?


Is necessary council what will quickly make you the millionaire?

4. whether

Is easy to earn money at the exchange, or FOREX: How soon I will become a millionaire?


How to become the millionaire, or is A little about the SOFA illness

I it only on Shkolezhizni. RU about Google I in general am silent, and about English-speaking Google I even did not stammer.

So, people write about how to earn one million because...

1.... they really earned it...

1. 1.... also want to teach others

1. 1. 1.... because altruists. Yes, can be you will not believe, but it meets, and is quite frequent. Normal such human desire. In general it is more good people, just they meet less often. Here the main thing not to roll down in other extreme which motto is the slogan thrust everything that you have, into the Internet!

1. 1. 2.... because it is pleasant to learn / teach etc. Because it is pleasant to do what turns out. Or because increases feeling of own importance.

1. 1. 3.... because earned enough and scorch the subject .

1. 2.... also want to brag. Normal such human desire. Whether such article will help those who yet not? It is unlikely... Rather will only add fuel to the fire and will even more kindle passions.

2.... they earn it...

2. 1.... writing articles how to earn one million. Or carrying out trainings how to become the millionaire. For example the website 18mio (I do not even know for what I do them such advertizing), from where it is torn off, I`m sorry, the article " is borrowed (quite good, by the way); You Want to know the truth about reality? It would Seem, and here one million? And you esteem...

2. 1. 1. the working articles. Paradox or not, but it happens: I not always win itself, but to learn to win - - it I am able! And all - somehow there is a wish to study if not at the playing trainer at least at once playing.

2. 1. 2. idle articles. Here something prompts to me (and so you are what, internal voice...) that such majority...

2. 2.... in a different way, and write because it is simple digest material, pass through themselves . To Learn - is doubly to study but not the one who cannot learns or is not able to work itself . It is much easier to be guided then in own notes, articles, posts, than in strangers. And after the abstract is issued - - why not to share with others? Too in general altruism, though it is not obligatory - - can, the person publishes the notes in hope to get feedback or a valuable advice. Anything reprehensible, on that it and the Internet. What needs to be remembered, reading such articles that they can conduct to the deadlock - - the author himself for the present was not there, at the end of the tunnel, it just retold to us the guide. And in general: the critical perception of the obtained information harmed nobody yet. Probably.

3. They did not earn it and do not earn. Quite degenerate case because why they then all - write about it, but it is necessary to allocate the place in classification for options it seems there is nothing to be engaged more, the itch of graphomania torments and nothing else occurs . Classification - - such piece... As Tsoi in the movie if I am not mistaken, " told; Needle having come to the acquaintance to some cellar to borrow money, people are divided into two categories: one sit on a pipe, and others need money. On a pipe you sit...

Many want to earn big money. It is quite logical to look for answers to the interesting questions on the Internet presently. Somewhere it even rule of a good form: I will use Google before asking dumb questions . And all - there is a strong wish to study at professionals from category 1. 1. 1 or on kraynyak 1. 1. 2, well differently from 1 . It is possible, of course, and from 2. 1. 1 but here is how to distinguish them from 2. 1. 2? :)]