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Your child grows, and you?

Two months ago I became a mother. The first days to my happiness there was no limit, but then this happiness began to be diluted in monophonic gray everyday life, washing, an ironing, cleaning, my kid became both the only ray of light and a source of pleasure.

I very strongly love the child, but from a constant prosizhivaniye within four walls, appear, from mine I there will be no trace left also soon. I began to turn into the housewife at whom on mind only how to make the house the lunch more tasty " is purer yes;. Extra kilos, look, extinct, tired from homework... It was necessary to do something urgently... I gave S signal. O. S. to the brains, arranged brainstorming and here to what came...

For those several years that young mother stays at home with the kid, it is possible to learn much . How to spend a child care leave with advantage for itself? Here 10 interesting occupations for young mother. They can be made the hobbies or just to be engaged when it becomes boring. Even one hour the day spent for hobby well will affect health and mood.

1) Drawing up a family tree can become a fine gift for relatives or for itself, darling. It is possible to draw it on a big sheet of paper or to buy the special program. It allows to enter data of the family, to insert their photos, to reflect significant events of their life, and then to unpack big family trees.

2) Classical pastime of young mother - sewing and knitting will always allow to look fantastically and at the same time to spend a minimum of funds for clothes for itself and the kid.

3) Doing household chores, it is possible to tighten or to learn from scratch a foreign language . Everything that is necessary - it is to buy audio - a course and to listen to it, tiding up or ironing things. And it is possible to download texts of foreign songs and to sing after favourite singers. Such cleaning will obviously not begin to weigh and will take place much quicker. And still it is possible to come on foreign forums and to communicate with people from all over the world.

4) It is possible to master a method of the blind press for a month 20 - minute occupations in day. It is possible to download the free program from the Internet or to buy a disk. And then it is possible to try to sell the services. For example, to write course to order, at the fast press on their performance will leave much less time.

5) The Skrepbuking will suit creative mothers. Its essence assembled any trifles (cutting from newspapers, magazines, beads, buttons), and then registration by these trifles of photo albums, cards and other memorable things.

6) It is possible to master a photoshop and to take the unique picture of a family for memory or to do original photos and cards for friends.

7) It is possible to spin from beads bracelets, a framework, pictures for itself or for sale. There will be an opportunity to create the hands unique things, to give to girlfriends exclusive costume jewelry and not to be spent for accessories for the house.

8) And still it is possible to master web - design . To create the website of the family, the thematic website or for sale.

9) That, having returned for work to move forward at once, but not to remember the skills forgotten for few years, it is necessary to read books and literature on the specialty, or to master some new profession. Suddenly after an exit from the decree it will not want to come back to old work?

10) Literary talents can be expressed in writing articles for newspapers, magazines and the Internet - resources. Pregnancy, childbirth, education of the child - generally, everything that is already well familiar can become the very first subjects.

Having so reflected, I understood that is not so boring to stay at home , in general, and . There would be a desire, and occupation will be selected.]