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What to please the woman 8 with - go March?

On the eve of March 8 of the man reflect that it to present to the women? It is forced to note that often thoughts too drag on. Having bethought in five minutes prior to spring we run in the next outlet, we are enough what was evident, and on the way home we supplement attention sign a branch of the mimosa offered by the granny in an underground passage.

What then? With a proud look we hand a gift, trying not to notice derisive sparkles in eyes. Wise women seldom focus attention on trifles . Similar man`s care to much it it is habitual.

But, maybe, it is worth trying to break a stereotype? With what to present the beloved in honor of a holiday? For a start remember what flowers and gifts were last year. And one year prior to last year? And even earlier? The boredom is the sheer.

Present it a holiday. In each woman there lives a little girl who believes in cheerful magic. Surprise her. Of course, gift artist of one from Alla Pugacheva`s song not everyone will pull . Begin with beautifully issued bouquet or just an armful of fresh roses. Against annual tyulpanchik and mimosas you by all means surprise her.

Wake her in the morning a smell of fresh coffee and the breakfast which let burned, but made independently. Do not forget about sweets, a dessert and fruit. In a huge box with a bow lay a modest gift. The beautiful linen and spirits will always be apprehended favourably. If, of course, spirits real. Believe, she is familiar with perfumery better you.

Avoid useful things. Irons and shampoos, it is equal as soap and pans, it is better to buy without communication with holidays and gifts. And here a subscription for the fashionable magazine, the subscription in fitness - the club or a visit of beauty shop are quite acceptable.

And still. Wizards are patient. Be and you are patient this day. Forgive sudden whims. It is so pleasant when itself is not necessary to hold in hand . Smile and execute the slightest hints on desires. It is its holiday, and you - only the wizard.

Mother and the grandmother will suit just what should not be given to darling at all. Household appliances and brilliant brand new pans will please them, will facilitate daily efforts and will rejuvenate the kitchen situation which is growing old together with the hostess.

The soft plaid, a cozy dressing gown and warm slippers will please more, than souvenirs and knickknacks. Leave the last to schoolmates of the maturing son. Flowers and cosmetics do not lose relevance. But instead of ardency of feelings they have to express your care and attention.

See to it that your signs of attention were supported with congratulations of the growing-up offspring. Children`s drawing, the card signed with uneven children`s handwriting, or phone call of the student from other city will please. It is so important to grandmother to know that the grandson loves her and remembers it.

Colleagues from service are usually given a card, flowers and any dezodorantik. And cares dump on initiative group, and the bulk of men considers the mission the executed ambassador of delivery of the unlimited sum. Gifts are, as a rule, strictly monotonous: God forbid, someone will take offense.

Men, not leave number ! Each woman is individual, and we to all of them - an identical bottle. Show the imagination. If it is thought out nothing, replace boxes of chocolates with baskets with fruit. Instead of a standard card print with everyone the individual diploma with a cheerful inscription. Also do not press close! We spend on drink more, and 8 - e March - time in a year.

Dare, men! Forget about mimosa branches, slippers, irons, daily logs and other stationery, shower gels and cheap cosmetics. Even attempt to arrange a holiday will be appreciated. Women - so kind beings.]