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Why to cut tubers more thinly than paper?

In everyday life quite often it is necessary to hear verbal constructions like the settled formulations: quiet, as the Finn after a lunch, artful, as the Polish Jew, hot, as the Sicilian. Or, eventually - than we it is worse than the same Americans?

And so the average American in a year eats not less than twelve kilograms of chips - that is on kilogram a month. And it is each of two hundred million the average resident of the United States.

with great reserve is the share Of residents of our country on half a kilo of chips a year.

The statistics only divides tons and kilograms of production into these censuses. inquisitive patriots among other things want to find out

A - from where, actually, hundreds of tons of chips eaten daily undertake. And in general, from where they undertook, these thin crackling slices of the fried potato

Americans are able to be proud of any most fine details of own history.

Chips, as well as Kok - a stake, - from the portrait American attributes imprinted in zvezdno - a striped flag. But if drink is invented consciously, then chips were born in the course of rather hot exchange of opinions: Ah so!

In the twenties the XIX centuries in the town Saratoga - Leyk, the state New - York was born somebody George Spek preferring that it was called Joe Crumb.

can consider him as the real American - the black father and the Indian mother presented it with rattling mix of genes. Having tried many fields for self-affirmation, Joe eventually stopped on cook business. He met the thirtieth anniversary in quality the chief - cooks of restaurant of luxurious hotel in the resort Saratoga - Springs.

Shortly before it the president Thomas Jefferson who was earlier the ambassador in France brought to states the recipe very much to it French fries which was pleasant in Paris. Especially Joe Crumb managed this dish and was crown in the menu of restaurant of Moon Lake Lodge hotel. Not one hundred portions was prepared by the chef. Not one ten thanks deserved. Until

Once one of visitors of restaurant remained is dissatisfied with the given dish. The indignant client at the top of the voice heatedly declared to the waiter that the potato offered him is cut by too thick chunks and therefore it is fried insufficiently thoroughly. He refused to eat it and respectively - did not want to pay for it.

Reputation of an institution is sacred.

The chef Crumb was outright indignant of the statement of the tipsy visitor.

was responsible For cutting of potato his sister working at kitchen as the assistant to the chief.

Joe Crumb in own way stood up for the sister.

- Ah, so! - he exclaimed. - It is thickly cut, you speak! All right! To you will be thinner!

In response to the statement of the client that is supposedly too thick - Joe nastrugat potato tubers on layers literally transparent as petals. Also fried them in oil.

- will be So not too thick!? - venomously Crumb tried to settle accounts.

To his surprise the exacting visitor not only did not continue scandal, but blossomed in a smile, having tasted a new way the made potatoes. It was happy and satisfied with the given dish. Soon and all other guests began to order the same crackling potato.

The recipe received the name Chips of Saratoga .

They already in the same season of 1853 of steel not only the most popular house specialty of restaurant, but also the well-known brand.

Certainly, Joe Crumb saved a money and opened own restaurant, called it simply - Crumbs House. And on each little table by all means there was a basket with chips. The restaurant quickly became the fashionable place among the rich Americans coming to the resort. The institution successfully worked three decades till 1890. Crumb did not sell the " chips; on carrying out but the recipe was so simple that the dish quickly extended over the country and became obligatory attribute of all restaurants respecting itself.

In shops it became possible to buy chips in 1895 when somebody William Teppendon at first in own kitchen, is later at the factory constructed specially arranged line production of chips and began to deliver them in grocery stores of Cleveland where potato slices sold by weight. And they were bought willingly. The last stroke in present shape of chips was brought by Laura Skadder. It she suggested to use a wax paper as packing - then the concept " was born and got accustomed; bag of the " chips;.

Also it was necessary to wait for confluence of will and the capital for the birth in 1932 of the Lay`s brand which became the first national coat of arms of chips not only which lived up to now, but also prospering in the third millennium.

Habitually and just all cities and towns of the world it is possible to meet sliced thin the potato fried in oil packaged in special bags.

the Set of firms worldwide from Tanzania to Greenland are engaged in production and realization of chips.

Because is tasty, convenient and favorable.

And in each new crunch - it is possible at desire to catch hi from old Saratogi from the uncle Joe:

- And is so not too thick?]