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Whether it is possible to win in a roulette?

Everyone knows that a roulette - this simple mechanical device. Not movably fixed disk with the sectors numbered from zero to 36. The ball slides on edge of a disk and falls in one of sectors. However, this simple mechanism it is unceasing attracts to itself numerous generations of players.

In this article I will not consider various options of rates or strategy of game which are chosen for themselves by various players. Now I want to show only the simplest distribution of probabilities of a prize and loss.

Even those who are not fond of gamblings make for themselves some opinion on a roulette, on probability of a prize and on honesty of game. Such opinion is frequent is not really true. Very many have heard a lot about the big income in a gaming that forces to think that the probability of a prize at a casino is higher, than at the player. This is true, and further we will see, from - for what.

For an example we will consider two types of rates on a roulette (actually it is possible to put differently, but those who will become interested can find information on it on the websites devoted to gamblings in general and a roulette in particular). It is possible to put on separate number. The probability that this number will drop out is equal 1/37 as sectors on a roulette thirty seven. Thirty six of them - these are usual black and red numbers. The thirty seventh - special. Its color green, and number - zero. And its appointment on a roulette in that the probability of a prize of a casino was slightly - slightly higher, than at the player. In case the ball gets on that number on which it was relied, the player receives that he put, and a sum more exceeding a rate by thirty five times. If is not present, then the rate goes to the income of a casino.

One more type of rates - a rate on black or red . The probability of a prize at the same time makes about 48,6%. At a prize the player receives the rate and a sum more equal to a rate.

So, the probability of a prize and loss are almost equal and it is difficult for these to explain profitability of a gaming. So in what a dirty trick? Here we also approach the most interesting question: as not only to play, but also to win on a roulette.

Again we will imagine a situation that we face a gambling table and we put, for example, only on black . The probability that we will win is almost equal to probability that we will lose. It would seem, so it is possible to play almost infinitely, alternately winning, losing. But, despite equal probability of loss black and red numbers, they will alternately not drop out.

It is possible that we will lose or we will win several times in a row. At long game the balance all the same will be established on zero. The player and casinos in turn lose and recoup. But there is the second question: and as long we are able to afford to lose. Obviously, not for long - money comes to an end sooner or later. The same situation and with a casino, but money at it much more. And if money at us ends, then we will not be able to recoup. The answer to a question of how to win &ndash also consists in it; the only way is in having money more, than them is at a casino . Then once the casino will fall into a state of the player who has nothing to recoup.

And if you are not sure of the financial superiority over a casino, then the only way not to be lost clean - it to be able to stop in time.