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Than threatens marriage with the foreigner? Japanese, German, African...

Overseas grooms consider as good luck to find the Russian bride. And 70% of the population of present Russia loyally belong to the mixed families. Statistically, annually in Moscow register about 1500 international marriages. Let`s try to understand what pluses and minuses you receive, having married

the German: you get

well-known Rub K - Kyukhe, Kinder, Lutheran church - kitchen, children, church. Germans are still extremely conservative. Most of men hope to find quiet, frictionless and at the same time sensual wives who will not compete with them in the career plan " in inhabitants of Eastern Europe; - experts - researchers of the international marriages consider. The German men are punctual, prudent and sentimental. Important point in a marriage for them is the marriage contract.

It is not necessary to hope for special generosity, choosing in the German`s grooms and to expect special love to parents and children. Helpless old men go to live in Germany to nursing homes, see off the grown-up children from a nest as soon as they at them grow wings. To achieve something from the German, it is necessary to wake gentle heart which fights under iron armor of his breast. And finally: you can apply for the German nationality only after three years of cohabitation in the country. At divorce of children more often leave with mother, but if they have the German passport, the father easily can take out them abroad. The alimony for children is appointed very high, at the same time to them 14 - the anniversaries the woman can not work at all.

For the Japanese:

First that should be remembered, beginning to meet the Japanese: they absolutely others. You sometime had to stare for hours at a branch of the blossoming cherry, for days to puzzle over the five-lower case poem or to wring hands from - for blots on important paper? Japanese have it in blood. The Japanese man since the childhood is accustomed not to show true feelings, concepts about decencies replace to it heart. You should reconcile to the fact that your children will be Japanese. There it is accepted to be as everything, Japan - the country of one nation and one religion.

Young Japanese are entirely busy with study, work, career. Many begin to look for wives when money and situation in society already are - closer by fifty years. The wife Japanese will preserve, contain, give money for pocket expenses, to take with themselves on all receptions, corporate parties - and not to notice as the person. In Japan marriage contracts are not adopted, in case of divorce the wife practically gets nothing, will not leave to it and children.

If the love reigns in a newly made family, it is possible to learn language and with pleasure to penetrate into the Japanese civilization: as it is correct to bow, cook sushi in what a charm Seius Senagon and that is symbolized by a dragon at Miyazaki. According to statements of travelers, on it it is necessary years ten. If it is possible to hold on - you will be very happy. Statistically, 2 divorces are the share of hundred marriages in Japan. Suddenly to you will carry?

For the African:

of Girls is always covered by curiosity in relation to representatives of other race - grooms with dark skin are enticing. They are full of emotions, enthusiasm and vital forces, perfectly sing, dance, play many surprising instruments. The African men are not afraid to show the feelings, to show weakness, sincerely love the girlfriends, are attached to them, adore children and respect old men. In what a dirty trick?

In - the first, their emotions are unpredictable. The African can not calculate power of the anger or pleasure. Surprises in family life it is possible to wait also for years through thirty, they till an old age will remain children in soul. Besides, the African groom is inclined to mysticism, it adds unusual knowledge of character.

The wedding with the African for certain will cause emigration to Europe, the USA or Australia. In Russia still look sideways at them. And to go home to the husband to you does not consult categorically what he would not promise the moon. On the hot homeland easily can be by itself understood polygamy, paganism it is good if not a cannibalism. Some countries of Africa constantly are at war with someone, there it is very bad with medicine, food and equipment, but it is good with infectious diseases: malaria, AIDS, etc. In case of divorce to you will strongly carry if you manage to arrive home earlier, than you will be strangled or will sell in a brothel. Or perhaps to you will carry?

Without studying of language, laws, traditions marriage breaks up in the first two - three years. Even if you completely fallen in love, it is better not to rush to a marriage, as to a whirlpool. Find out that can wait for you - where you will live as you will build a family and to raise the children.]