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Whether it is necessary to be afraid of happiness?

In life of each person happen minutes when there is a wish to exclaim: Stop, the moment, you is fine!

Such minutes in our life, unfortunately, never happen too much. But reasons for such state, at desire, can be found. And it depends only on you. Leaving school, receipt in institute, the first appointment, long-awaited DA told in reply, the small snuffling parcel at you on hands Unless during such moments someone was in all this world happier than you?

Usually we test pleasure when we achieve the objectives. And from as far as the Purpose was high or seemed to us unattainable, we test a tranquil pleasure or huge happiness. Happiness with which there is a wish to shout for the whole world: Hurrah! At me it turned out! . Eureka - Archimedes exclaimed and nude ran out from a bathtub. Ouch da Pushkin! Ouch yes son of a bitch! - Alexander Sergeyevich exclaimed, having finished the novel. Went - Yury Gagarin waved a hand.

It is possible to test happiness, overcoming barriers on the way to achievement of the purpose. Most often it happens when we do favorite thing.

Actually happiness surrounds us everywhere. The Person is created for happiness as a bird for flight - aphorism known for all. And it is not just beautiful words which very poetically sound. It is wise truth. Complexity is that it is necessary to learn to notice it and to test.

In your house all are living - are healthy, children study well, the husband found interesting work. Unless it not happiness? Quiet family happiness. You got used to it and are not surprised how you were lucky in life, what you the happy person. Often we do not notice happiness just because it becomes for us usual as the sky, the sun, change of day and night.

Psychology of the person such is that when in his life, after the ordeals which fell to his lot at last comes white strip he begins to be afraid that happiness does not happen it is a lot of . Happiness is a smile of destiny, and the destiny is avaricious on smiles . And what will be then? And the feeling of long-awaited happiness is replaced by thoughts that it can be replaced " soon; black strip .

In ancient times was considered: everything that approaches perfection, causes envy of gods who send misfortunes - they do not want that people were happy and reached perfection. And we, having entered more than realistic 21st century, we continue to be afraid of it unconsciously.

The past - dust, the future - wind Live in the present, storing all good in memory that was in your past. Manage to make out on the horizon of your future the first and from it the finest beam of a rising sun.

To lose much more simply, than to find. Often we do not admit close to ourselves people and an event only because we are afraid of pain which they can cause us. We are afraid to go on the brightest sparkling white strip. Terribly from the fact that this strip can end.

Yes, the law of life is severe: it is necessary to pay for everything. Happiness, especially, is not an exception. How to learn not to be afraid of happiness?

Look for minutes of happiness and pleasure in the life. Look for and obryashcht - it is told in the Bible. In translation into the modern language it sounds approximately so: What you will look for, you will find .

Try to do as much as possible dobra surrounding you. Smile to the world - and the world in reply will smile to you . It will be a payment to your health, good luck and welfare too. Do not live in a debt at destiny. And the destiny in reply will not be at you in debt and will return you your kindness with percent.

Sometimes the destiny just makes to us a gift. And if with gratitude to accept such gifts, then it will present them to us even more often. The Destiny - a feminine gender and too loves compliments. Be not tired to praise it.

Be not afraid of happiness! Make friends with it. Live with his feeling and you will notice soon that happiness always with you.]