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How the McDonald`s without knife and a fork conquered the world?

Are difficult to imagine any big city without " cafe now; fast food - fast food. What they are only not now, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg: Russian bistro The Crumb - " potato; Ideal cup and " Teaspoon; Teremok and Fir-trees - sticks different pizzerias, Subway - in translation " Subway; KFC (Kentucky fried chicken - a fried chicken of Kentucky), the Italian cafe Sbarro and even Blindonalts (in St. Petersburg). And of course, the most popular - McDonald`s . Requirement to eat quickly, cheap it is also desirable without fear for health at working, students, and especially at tourists, was and will be always.

It is a pity only that so remained ordinary Russians " a little; pirozhkovy very popular in days of our youth. What there were tasty pies! With the most different stuffings - with a sago, with rice and egg, with meat, with a liver, with onions and egg, with mushrooms, with potato, with cabbage, with cottage cheese, fried and vypechny! Always fresh, hot! And to them broth, coffee and tea. Pies cost from 6 to 10 kopeks apiece, tea with sugar 3 kopeks, broth of 6 - 8 kopeks, coffee with milk - 6 kopeks (it in the prices of 1961). So for 50 kopeks quite it was possible to have a bite well. Remains only, having sighed, to remember! All of them were forced out foreign newcomers .

I not incidentally called the most popular among institutions of a fast food McDonald`s . Many remember, probably, that the Russia`s first " cafe; McDonald`s it was open in Moscow on January 31, 1990 at Pushkin Square. It was very difficult to get there, turns were built huge! I remember, was in the capital in the summer of 1990, wanted to visit it exotic cafe, but, having staid about an hour, left - it was a pity for time. And now in their Russia there are already 183! In their one St. Petersburg 25. Two yellow arches in the form of the letter M - a symbol of McDonald`s - appeared in 37 cities. McDonald`s is in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, in Sochi and Yaroslavl, Sergiyev Posad and to Klin...

And the triumphal procession along the world American McDonald`s began only slightly more than 40 years ago. In June, 1967 in Canada the first such restaurant outside the USA was open. General age McDonald`s - 60 years. Short history of its emergence such is. 60 years ago, in 1948, two brothers Dick and Mack Makdonaldsy owning small small restaurant for motorists in California decided to reconstruct it and to start the production hamburgers. The small restaurant did not give big profit: often waitresses who took orders and took out food directly to cars changed, the ware fought much, it was not always possible to employ conscientious dishwashers. Brothers completely changed the enterprise. The china was replaced paper, reduced the menu, having left only what can be eaten without knife and a fork, established huge grills and for the first time applied the principle of the conveyor in kitchen. One fried cutlets, the second cut onions and a cucumber, following stacked everything in a roll, adding ketchup and mustard. Business went remarkably, the income quickly grew, the institution gained fame.

In 1954 the talented businessman and the direct-sales representative Ray Krok who suggested to open such small restaurants and cafe over all country under the " trademark got acquainted with McDonald`s; McDonald`s selling the franchize to everyone. Brothers agreed with the offer. The right to open " restaurant; McDonald`s then cost only 950 dollars. Ray Krok became the founder of the huge company McDonald`s . In 1960 the company received the name Mc`Donald`s Corporation and in 1961 Krok redeemed completely all rights for corporation. Now the corporation has 30 thousand restaurants in 118 countries of the world, on all continents, except, perhaps, Antarctica.

The first " restaurant; McDonald`s which served not only motorists on carrying out but had little tables inside, Krok opened on April 15, 1955 in the suburb of Chicago, the town of Des Pleyns (10 minutes of driving from O`Hara`s airport).

During a trip to Chicago at the end of December friends showed us this small restaurant - the museum, McDonald`s No. 1. Now this restaurant - the museum is open for visitors only in summertime, from Memorial Day (Day of memory, the last Monday of May) to Labor Day (The Labor Day, the first Monday of September), on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 10 - 30 in the morning to 14 - 30 in the day, except July 4, the Independence Day.

On April 15, 1955 it is considered in the USA in the afternoon McDonald`s . We could look only through glass at the menu of this cafe: the hamburger cost then only 15 cents, a cheeseburger - 19 cents, and all drinks - on 10 cents.

Ray Krok, developing the business of the " network; McDonald`s relied not only on a family, but, first of all, on children. Children will not come here, they will be brought by parents, grandmothers and grandfathers who will bring money. Therefore already at the beginning of 60 - x years about small restaurants McDonald`s there were colourful playgrounds with hills, with ball pools. In the menu for children - special sets with the fried small pieces of " chicken; Chiken nagets or " sets; Hepp milz (happy food) with different toys, all in bright packing. In 1966 in the television commercial there was a bright clown Ronald Makdonald who became one more symbol of a network of these restaurants and the favourite of the American kids.

Now it is much conducted talk on harm of food from McDonald`s . On screens of some countries showed the movie Double portion ( Super Size me ) removed by the American documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock. The main character within a month ate three times a day double portions of a hamburger from McDonald`s and except them ate nothing. Recovered on 12 kilograms, spoiled a liver, at it the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood strongly increased. Having watched this movie, Northern Carolina Mirab Morgan`s inhabitant decided to make the experiment. It ate in " too; McDonald`s even whole three months. But at the same time watched that the number of calories consumed a day was no more than 1400. As a result Mirab even grew thin for 15 kg!

So, everyone solves for himself - whether to go to it in McDonald`s . But when in way it will strongly want to have a bite, we come around in McDonald`s . The grandson for some reason prefers Big - " Poppy; to hamburgers from Burgher of King and to sandwiches from Subway . And coffee is pleasant to me in " more; McDonald`s than in other American snack bars . Every day such food is you will not be, and once a month, I think, it will not do big harm.

And bon appetit if you decide to visit any fast food!]