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We go east! How to solve puzzle Chinese name?

of Chan Wai Li are the Chinese proper name which hieroglyphs are written down by Latin letters. What in it is directly a name and that a surname?

For those who are connected with the East this question does not represent big complexity. But here for the average European, never in life facing the Chinese names closely to define what is that, - quite serious problem.

It is possible to use imagination and to try to find the answer in the logical way. For example, if John Smith is a standard of the western record of proper names, therefore, of Chan is a name personal.

It is possible to go by analogies and substitutions. Who at us the most famous Chinese? Of course, Jackie Chan! Then of Chan is a surname? Possibly Who following? The master of oriental martial arts is Jet Li. Means, of Li - all this is a surname? Eh, companion Sukhov was right: The East - business thin.

Thin. But, nevertheless, not to such an extent. Actually all very much and very simply.

There is such science - of an antroponimik which studies proper names (history of their origin, evolution, modern culture and so on). Each people have the antroponimika. It agrees Chinese, in the beginning surnames traditionally register, and then names personal follow. And the last most often are disyllabic. So, in our concrete example Chan is, really, a surname, and of Wai Li - a name. It will even be more correct - of Chan Waili (a name together). Too it agrees the settled tradition of record by Latin of hieroglyphs of disyllabic Chinese names long ago.

Still examples? Please! A real name of Jackie Chan - of Chan Kongsang . Now it is clear why simple and easily memorable Jackie succeeded strange Konsan . And matter not only in the secret requirement of Hollywood to image of young people and perspective actors.

Many Chinese, owing to various circumstances, change names, adapting them on western manners. For one it is a craze, for others - a pressing need. Communications between the East and the West get stronger. It is much simpler to be John, Robert or Ken today. Especially, if it is about the serious, international level of the relations.

In a case with Jet Li (a real name - of Li Lianjie ) history is a little another. Jett (from English jet - jet or the rocket) is the pseudonym received by the actor even at the time of successful sports career. So he was nicknamed by team mate for a molniyenosnost of movements, so valued in practice of fighting at - shu. Subsequently the successful nickname was transformed to an official pseudonym, and then fixed as a cinema name personal.

It is necessary to tell that use of pseudonyms - quite widespread phenomenon in China. Traditionally, tendency to the second names sin cultural figures and arts. And, the pseudonym, a surname and a name are used at the same time. So, for example, Jackie Chan long enough carried the pseudonym Sing Lung (the Ascending Dragon), and his full name registered as of Sing Lung Chan Kongsang .

By the way, Bruce Lee`s pseudonym - of Lei Siu Lung (the little Dragon). Jackie was nicknamed Dragon by analogy. And, if great Bruce called himself Small hardly feathered at that time, Jackie Chan had no moral right to seem it is more . So, addition ascending (or becoming) appeared for ethical reasons.

Now once again we will return to the Chinese surnames and personal names. From them it is possible, it appears, to get some useful data on the person and even about his family. In the Russian antroponimika, for example, there is a concept middle name the giving idea of how called the father of the person. In the Chinese - no. But in it there is a concept of the name generations . It is, as a rule, the first hieroglyph of a name personal ( of Wai in Chan Waili ). It is given in a family to all children of one generation. So if Chan Waili have brothers and sisters (native or cousin in the area of the father), then, with a high share of probability, a hieroglyph of their names you already know the two first.

And even if sisters of Chan Waili she is married long ago, then all of you equally know the two first a hieroglyph of their names. At the Chinese women it is not accepted to change surnames after a wedding - long tradition on preservation of belonging to a sort (clan).

Quite interesting fact in this regard is that it is not enough hieroglyphs designating the Chinese surnames (slightly more than four hundred). Therefore namesakes in huge China - a dime a dozen. According to data of official statistics, about seventy five percent of citizens of the People`s Republic of China carry only hundred surnames. Among the most widespread - of Wang, Li, Zhang, Chen, Zhou, Lin, Ma, Kung.

However, rather recently in China there was a law allowing to expand the range of family hieroglyphs on more than one million options. Earlier, at the birth, children were given or a surname of the father, or is (much more rare) - mothers. For example, of Wang or of Li . Now it is authorized to surname to combine. In an example which I just gave, - of Wangli or of Liwang .

So in the future, having faced the carrier of the combined Chinese surname, you will have information on family signs of families of the father and mother of the new acquaintance. What, actually, very much is even quite good. Why? About it read further.]