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How to join the alpine skiing movement in Dombai? Teapot notes. Part 2

our base station, or " camp; if it is possible so to speak, settled down in cafe with the romantic name Dombai waltz . That is here we took skis, leaving the things, here came a few to take rest, drink coffee, mountain tea or mulled wine through a straw, here it is possible to wait bad weather or to wait until again start a kanatka. And having ridden long enough and having got hungry - it is fine to have dinner: chorba, lamian, hot hychin with cheese, a shish kebab - mashlyk. And still many other things, for every taste. by

In general, above everything is constructed on it, it is possible to tell club to the principle. That is everyone chooses to himself cafe to taste (or it is casual), and in the same place, as a rule, and registers . Here you are met as native and are interested in your life where you vanished all this time, after the week spent here last year?! Here photos and drawings of regular customers which brought them or sent to gift hang on walls. Here on a wall the guitar, and hangs on a bar rack - a karaoke. And everyone in whom mountain feelings awakened a creativity spark in soul, can read, low, provyt this cry from the heart under a karaoke. And nobody will tell anything to it and will not criticize. The soul sings! Well, unless if this amateur performance drags on, then will just tell: listen the road, shut up, please. By the way, if who also actually is able to sing, then it is even welcomed!

Ourselves witnessed when the whole group from Stavropol, apparently, students, waiting bad weather, threw in a literal sense a concert, with a vocal, backup dancers and acrobatic numbers at the end. Everything was as on a scene. Put all on ears, everything is so ridiculous, natural and fine at them it turned out. Perhaps, it were KVNs - chic or maybe improvisation in the right frame of mind and to the applause of frequenters of this cafe - club, been at this time near behind little tables just turned out.

In general, the geography coming to Dombai is extensive and sometimes does not give in to a logical explanation. One skier told that she visited all ski resorts of Europe, did not understand yet that it is better not to find Dombai, and looks for nothing any more, and comes only here. And why exactly there comes a person from Vladivostok?! Really there are no places for occupation by mountain skiing closer? Also delays people different material level here. Repeating, I will tell that someone comes each day off in a season, and someone gathers, dreams the whole year, saves on kopek for holiday, postpones that then week to have a rest as it represents it, in mountains and on skis.

In cafe the attractive, confidential atmosphere. It is at once felt, from first minute. Offered us to tea, then picked up boots and skis. Then the instructor, of course, the best which undertook us approached, teapots to put on skis. Though personally to me in it it was very poorly trusted. The first and the last (as I then thought) time I got up on skis in army. But it was not of own will and resembled mockery more. Therefore - that at me remained negative impression about skiing in general.

Hussein, so called our instructor, it was the tactful and competent teacher. It was felt that it has the technique of training. It began from the beginning how to put on boots how to bear skis as it is better to put on as that is called, and the similar trifles relating to this subject. Having risen together with it by a slope, we carried out, probably, a chasapoltor behind occupations. He explained clear and intelligibly, right there showing as it becomes, and we repeated. Incredibly, but for this short time I learned to put on independently skis, to stand on them, to walk on a slope up, to be developed on the place, and, at last, to slide and turn to the left or to the right, to regulate movement speed. And still - to rise on a ski lift on the top of the mountain.

The ski lift is such thingummy on a cable, having hooked for which you rise up that then to roll down down on skis. It quickly and conveniently, but too it is necessary to pay for each rise. And I said that it is an expensive type of rest! But the most important is to learn to brake when it is necessary (oh, as it is applicable to life!) . It is clear, that all this became on not a steep slope. Here it was important to remember the movements, to fulfill equipment. It became hotter. Break.

Having a little had a rest in cafe, we continued driving, if I may say so, already independently. From a gentle slope, at first slowly, learned to roll down to the right, to the left. Legs were in constant tension, but was already felt that this process takes completely. Having finished the first day as well as having begun, in cafe, having had dinner and having had a rest a little, handed over skis and went down. After such physical activity in the fresh air the hot shower seemed pleasure top! And then to arrange the tired body on a bed and to doze off under bubnezh the TV Literally for half an hour, can slightly more. No what do not tell, and it is the real rest! In the evening we were going to descend also on a skating rink which was filled in directly before Mountain Tops . But ice was clumsy and there melted therefore it was necessary to refuse figure skating.

By the evening snow went, went all night long and next morning too. But our holiday continued, and we went upward again. Armed with experience of yesterday, all did as learned, without paying attention to bad weather. And meanwhile, snowfall dispersed from wind outright. What jokes - I was even frightened when, rolling down from a slope, I tried to brake, and felt what all the same carries me forward. Actually it turned out that I - that stand still, and wind with the snow in a face creates feeling of the prompt movement. But the most surprising that, despite such blizzard, to the people on a slope there was a set, and children including which, by the way, rode much better than some adult uncles.

Having rolled down on skis still few times, decided that it is already time to come back down. It seemed that from - for weathers can close in general a kanatka for safety. Therefore - quicker down! From - for snow our clothes wet! But as all - is good that there is a place where it is possible to have a rest, be warmed and to dry up clothes! Moreover with such comfort! And as pleasantly to sit over a cup of tea in the evening and to conduct easy conversations about anything. When behind a window the blizzard storms...

But there came the last day, day of departure. It was supposed to sail away right after a lunch home. Weather was given as to order - a frost and the sun!!! And mood - super! Mood - to drive in plenty, already with pleasure, but not in the course of training. It is rather upward!

And above - rather white (not as in the cities) sparkling snow and the ultramarine sky, bright multi-colored suits of skiers and snowboarders, smiles, music and laughter. The decorated New Year trees in snowdrifts. Motley bazarchik with various souvenirs and knitted things. The friendly photographers suggesting to make a picture above sea level with any animal for memory. The choice extensive - a horse, a yak, an eagle, a bear, a young lion and even the handsome - a camel. Do not doubt, all animals only rock!

Yes, winter Dombai is the real holiday! Holiday of youth, healthy rest and excellent mood! But all once comes to an end, and our short holiday came to an end too. We came back become silent and tired, uncharged surplus of bank notes, but full of excellent mood and determination at the first opportunity again to visit these remarkable places!

And you what wait for that?! The winter in the heat is also an opportunity to see all this with own eyes. And not only to see, but also to put itself and mountain skiing in one associative array! Be not afraid, try, expand the horizons, and you will not regret, believe!

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