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What do we should help the stranger?

there were I once home. I look, there is a grandmother. Small such, thin. And 2 big bags stand nearby. Probably, in a half of its weight. I it was so sorry that I approached and suggested it to help to inform of these bags the house. And she began to refuse. I tried to convince her, and she does not want, and all. I was surprised and left. And all road then thought: what happened in our world that people began to be afraid of the help? While thought, remembered many examples from life

our Dear men, admit, long ago you held a door for the unfamiliar woman in shop from which hands are borrowed with purchases? And for the woman without purchases? Because a door heavy / inconvenient / it is slippery before it / yes just like that (necessary to emphasize)? Here personally to me seldom hold a door. So to say, what is not held at all! And very often we leave shop the loaded any packages!

And how it is frequent we give way in transport to old grandmothers and grandfathers ? And now honestly we admit to ourselves Sadly it turns out, the truth? Until absolutely close approach us, we will not even raise eyes to look whether it is necessary to give way to whom. But we will be old too, and it will be difficult to us to stand on the feet a long trip in stuffy transport. And what pleasure in eyes we see when we gave way to them! As thank! There are exceptions of course, but in most part elderly people very kind. And there are also pregnant women and people with small children And, unfortunately, you see a picture that women give way much more often. Probably, our dear men more us are tired.

Still situation: there is a girl with a big suitcase a ladder. Men, you offer it the help? Personally from my practice: you will not begin hardly yet, hardly - hardly to rise, and will not offer you the help! Will Or rather, offer the help in a half of cases. In other cases try.

And if we see that of people slipped and fell ? There was a period that I very often fell on the street. Most often on ladders. Nobody ever to me helped to rise. And to hit against a ladder with a back or a knee - it is very sick. And here, constraining uninvited tears from pain, hardly you rise itself, and just with interest look at you. And you know WHO the first helps the fallen people? Our nice grandmothers and grandfathers. Because they got used to help since youth each other Because so it is easier to live!

One more case literally the other day occurred. In the subway the blind grandfather goes to rush hour . And not only that it was not helped, so also quietly swore that it prevents to go! It what happened to us? It became madly a shame to me! I saw him to the right place, and he You will not believe HOW long he thanked me!

And such examples huge set! But what to us is costed by such small help? Several seconds of our precious time? And you know that all good to us comes back?

I do not say that nobody helps anybody. But as often we pass by the people needing the help. In our such small help!

After that memorable meeting with the old woman I began to help people. And my life was added with thanks, sincere smiles of these people. And at my heart it is much easier!

Let`s help each other and then the world around us will become kinder .]