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We compare. We choose. We invest. OFBU or mutual fund? I Believe

, many of us already much have heard a lot about the long-term investment tool by the name of mutual fund. And how about rather recently appeared OFBU? Well, let`s find out that this strange abbreviation designates.

OFBU - roughly speaking, it is the same deposit. In respect of the fact that, making own investments in it, you thereby trust them to bank management. Interpretation of OFBU - general funds of bank management speaks about it. The first difference of these investment tools from the usual deposit is that the profitable (percentage) rate is not fixed here. And it means that with other things being equal your income can vary from solid minus to big plus .

The bank invests the money entrusted by you at discretion - it is the principle by which OFBU works. It is very similar to the principle of mutual fund already familiar to us. There are also other similarities - for example, a share. A share - analog of a share - unit specifying your part of property from the general fund of OFBU.

What does bank with the money entrusted to it? Here already distinctions with Mutual funds begin. So, banks can invest money not only in stocks, the bond and other securities. Among possible investments also precious metals, stones, and also foreign deposits and bills. Undoubtedly, in an arsenal of OFBU there is a set of ways of an investment of the attracted money.

Control of money can be exercised on one of three standard schemes:

- aggressive;

- conservative;

- mixed.

The name of each of schemes gives us quite clear idea of the strategy applied in it.

One more distinction of mutual fund and OFBU consists in the taxation. If for mutual fund the taxation is provided only at repayment of a share, then for OFBU are 13% per annum. Therefore at decision-making to invest money in this tool, it is important not to forget about annual removal of income tax.

What interests of bank? The bank is directly interested in maximizing the investment income as it is provided that 1 - 4% of cost of assets and 10 - 30% of the income depart to it. So that the bank will try with might and main it is possible to be sure.

OFBU have also certain restrictions among as which main thing it is possible to consider diversification of risk. In one investment tool (stocks, bonds, precious metals ) the bank has the right to put no more than 15% of the attracted assets. The bank cannot use the entrusted money for a creditirovaniye - such restriction is introduced with the purpose to secure investors against possible loss of means. It is also possible to call investment policy limited in the sense that to change it the asset manager not in the right. In general, activity of OFBU is regulated by the Bank of Russia, department of control over activity of credit institutions.

As for liquidity of the shares acquired from bank, here a lot of things depend on OFBU chosen by you. But often there are no problems with it any - at any convenient time you are free to cash all contribution or the income which is saved up in the form of percent (or just to attach it to your contribution). In conclusion there is a wish to add that, despite all similarity with Mutual funds of OFBU, to be exact to tell shares in it, are not considered as securities.

Analyzing this information, it is simple to draw a conclusion that OFBU and mutual fund are enough - are similar, and differences, most likely, it is less, than similarities. But if it is about big investments, to think nevertheless is about what. I wish all adoption of exclusively correct and effective decisions!]