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How to call the business?

the Name can really become additional trump in competitive games. But what it has to be?

One of typical mistakes of businessmen are mistakes in the choice of the name of the enterprise. And to that there is a set of the reasons.

Today we investigate one of them. Namely: cases when the owner of the enterprise and its potential buyers belong to a miscellaneous to sectors of society social, age, cultural etc.

In most cases, the owner of future enterprise is inclined to listen more to own associations and perception in general. Though it is obvious that matters and the opinion of the one who can choose or not choose, buy or not buy goods or service brings money.

Already more than fifteen years I am engaged in what is called the fashionable word " today; naming . And every time my work begins with the most difficult: to help the client to enter the world of his consumer. To feel it. To learn about it it is more.

Why, will be told by you? As it appeared, it is the only way to help the businessman to overcome own stereotypes of perception and to accept stereotypes of the buyers.

That who thinks now how to call the business:

1. Be defined for whom your goods or service are intended.

2. Where and as there live these people.

3. Who and that is for them authority.

4. On what " language; where and with whom communicate.

5. What dream of.

6. With whom are at enmity .

7. That want to tell about.

8. For what are ready to pay etc.

It is impossible to see from outside. It is possible to arrive, ideally, as legendary kings - having changed clothes, to live month (not less!) life the citizens . Smiled? Yes, it is unreal. Then, at least talk to them And not with one - two.

Should not interrogate neighbors, acquaintances, employees. Instead of a true picture you receive the " set; - piar different success. (To answer questions - means to undress and then?) we Will continue by

a subject next time. And today - a quite good resource for those who nevertheless want itself to reach an essence :

elitarium. ru/2006/12/14/zametki_o_ljubvi_klientov. html

elitarium. ru/2006/06/16/raznica_mezhdu_slovom_i_delom_klienta. html

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For today all.

I Thank you for your attention.

I Wish you success and protsvetaniya1]