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In vitrum veritas or What is stained glass paints?

Stained-glass windows (from Latin vitrum - " glass;) - these are the transparent pictures, drawings, patterns made of glass or on glass.

Personally at me at the word stained-glass window before eyes there is a window of some medieval church, with a little schematical angel, a window into which the bright sun hits, and on stone tiles of a floor play multi-colored patches of light. Here it is possible to esteem a little about equipment of a stained-glass window and to admire the accompanying pictures.

But for creation of the real stained-glass window it is not enough to have creative approach to business, powerful knowledge and materials are necessary here. And I will tell you about alternative option of creation of a stained-glass window which to everyone on a pocket and on ability. About children`s stained glass paints.

With their help it is possible to create the drawings which are glued on smooth surfaces. When drying paint become transparent and remind color glass. It is possible to decorate with them the most different objects: from bottles to mirrors to glue them several times on different surfaces - the refrigerator, cups, colored doors. At big desire - even to ornament a window.

I worked only with paints of " plant; Beam . They if to trust forums, not the most expensive. Samples of drawings without fine details and several transparent films on which it is necessary to draw enter a set, besides 6 tubes of paints of basic flowers. Paints are on sale also in separate tubes.

Rules of work :

1. It is better to begin with simple drawings where not really there are a lot of lines and details to get used to behavior of paint.

2. Drawing, since a contour is created. Put a transparent film on the chosen drawing and lead round it black paint, trying not to interrupt lines.

3. Leave a contour to dry for an hour - another.

4. When the contour dried, it is possible to paint. Stained glass paints rather liquid therefore be accurate that paint did not flow for a contour. At the same time try that remained the painted-over places.

5. With stained glass paints it is not necessary to be greedy as, however, and it is excessive to spend them. In the first case you will not be able to remove the picture from a film, it is necessary to tear off, it will be rumpled and will become unsuitable. In the second, I will repeat, paint can flow out for a contour.

5. Leave to dry, at least, 12 hours, and it is even better - for days.

6. Accurately remove drawing from a plate and paste on any smooth surface where it was conceived.

7. When get skilled at to carry out accurately small drawings, it is possible to start big. Pay attention to a children`s coloring - it is ideal plots for drawings.

8. Big drawings can be carried out on a film of the big size, for example, on the file.

9. It is possible to draw on glass at once. But on vertical surfaces it will be rather problematic - paints flow down down.

10. Stained glass paints well mix up that allows to create a set of various shades, holding only a basic set of flowers.

The first step is the hardest, glance in communities LJ - ua_vitrazh; ru_vitrum - admire works, and, I think, you will be able to create something so fine. Good luck!]