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How to force the computer to be switched off according to the schedule?

Sometimes arise need to automatically switch off the computer, in in advance determined time.

For the solution of this task we will use the command utility of shutdown. exe , entering delivery of Windows (starting with the XP version) and the ordinary scheduler of tasks.

For users of the Windows XP:

we Come into Control panel (Control Panel) , through Start-up-> the Control panel (Start-> Control Panel) . Or through Start-up-> Settings-> the Control panel (Start-> Settings-> Control Panel) . Further we go to the folder the Appointed tasks (Scheduled Tasks) and in it we double click on the Add a Task (Add Scheduled Task) badge .

The Master of planning of tasks (Scheduled Task Wizard) will be started by . We press the button Further (Next) .

Will appear the next window, with the offer to choose the program for start from the list below.

Note: if on the computer many programs are installed, then formation of the list will take a long time.

The list is not necessary to us since the utility necessary to us is not present at it. Therefore we press the Review button ... (Browse...) . The window of the review of files on the computer will appear. Long not to look for, in the field the Name of the file (File name) we will prescribe a way to our utility:

%windir of % / system32/shutdown. exe

we Press the Open (Open) button .

In the following window, in the first field, we write a name for our task. For example, Shutdown of the " computer;. Then in the Perform This Task (Perform This Task) list we choose frequency of performance of our task. For example, Daily (Daily) . We press the button Further (Next) .

We should specify in the following window day and time of start of a task. In the field Time of the beginning (Start time) we specify by time of start of a task. For example, in 22. 00. And in the field Start date (Start date) , we specify day, month and year when our task has to begin to be started. By default, in this field the current date is determined. We press the button Further (Next) .

will need to specify the user under whom this task will be started In the following window in case on the computer there are several users. In the fields User Name (User Name) and the Password (Password) enters a user name and the password respectively. We press the button Further (Next) .

In the next window we tick off It is ready to Set additional parameters after pressing of the button (Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish) and we press the button It is ready (Finish) .

The task will be created and the window of properties of our task will open. Here it is necessary to be a little more attentive. In the field to Execute (Run) , to the line existing there, it is necessary to add parameters for the utility of shutdown. exe :

- s-f

the Line has to take a form:

Yours - system - a disk: / Windows/system32/shutdown. exe - s - f

Then on a tab Parameters (Settings) , in the section Management of Power Supply (Power Management) we tick off to Wake the computer for start of this task (Wake the computer to run this task) . This a tick is necessary for a case when the " computer; fills up in an idle time. If not to establish a tick, then fallen asleep the computer will not perform our task, so and will not be switched off.

That`s all. We press the button Ok for closing of properties of a task. Now in time fixed by us (in this example, at ten o`clock in the evening), the system will finish work and the computer will be switched off.

For users of Windows Vista:

we Start the console of the scheduler of tasks, through Start-up-> the Control panel-> Administration-> Planning of tasks (Start-> Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Scheduled Tasks) . we choose by

In the menu of the scheduler of Action-> to Create a simple task (Actions-> Add Scheduled Task) . The master will be started. In the first dialogue, we will enter into the respective fields a name and the description for our task. We press Further (Next) .

In the following dialogue, we will establish frequency of performance of a task. We put Daily (Daily) and we press the button Further (Next) .

We should specify in the following dialogue day and time of start of a task. After that, we press Further (Next) .

Then we choose necessary action for a task. In our case, it will be to Start the program (Run application).


Utility of shutdown. exe is started from a command line, team of a look

shutdown [-parameter] [-parameter] [-parameter] to

Parameters - s and - f used in the text above are intended respectively for switching off of the computer and compulsory end of the started programs.

It is possible to specify several parameters through a gap. Square brackets in this case indicate that parameters are not obligatory. At record of command for performance of a bracket it is necessary to lower.

For viewing of the list of all admissible parameters, it is necessary to specify the

team of shutdown-? ]