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Vista: how to adjust services on the postponed autostart?

For what services with the postponed autostart are intended

the User of Vista who executed login right after its start faces some delay (sometimes quite long!) before control of the Desktop will come to the end and it will be possible to interact freely both with a cover of system, and with the started applications.

It occurs from - for the fact that during user login the dispatcher of management of services starts a set of the services Windows which are adjusted as services with automatic start and activated in the course of loading of system. These services at initialization intensively consume both computing resources of the processor, and resources of random access memory that brings to very noticeable (in comparison with the Windows XP) to delay of process of user login.

For fight against this problem the new type of start of services - the postponed automatic start is entered into Windows Vista OS . This mode can be applied to services which do not need to be active right after loading of system.

the Dispatcher of management of services starts the services which are adjusted on the postponed automatic start only after completion of start of all services which are adjusted on automatic start. To an initial stream of these services THREAD_PRIORITY_LOWEST priority (the lowest priority of a stream) is established. Installation of such priority leads to the fact that all operations of input-output which are carried out by a stream are carried out with a priority of Very Low (very low). When the service finishes initialization, the dispatcher of management of services establishes it a priority of Normal (usual).

leads the Combination of the postponed automatic start, a low priority of use of the central microprocessor and memory, and also a background priority of disk operations to essential decrease in impact of start of such services on process of user login, i.e. actually allows to accelerate user login a little.

How to adjust service

Press the postponed autostart Start-up -> the Control panel -> Administration -> Services (or Start-up -> in the line Begin Search enter of services. msc , press of Enter );

- find in a dialog box of Service and allocate service which start parameters you want to change;

- double click of the left button of a mouse cause a window of properties of service (or click of the right button of a mouse open a context menu -> Properties );

- in a window of properties of service open the dropping-out Start Type list (options - Automatically (the postponed start) are available, to of the Car , to Manually , by It is disconnected ), choose Automatically (the postponed start) -> as OK .

For example, it is possible to appoint the postponed autostart (instead of start type - of the Car ) to the following services: Search of Windows , Windows Time service , Service of loading of images Windows , the Client of tracking of the changed communications .

The note be not afraid of

, appointing services the postponed autostart: if the type of start of service has to be of the Car , the system will not allow you to appoint to this service the postponed autostart, - when pressing the OK button the error message " will appear; It is not possible to establish a tag of the postponed automatic autostart. Mistake 87: Parameter is set incorrectly .]