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Whether it is worth trusting in signs?

Spring session ended, and before state examinations there was even the whole month, and we decided to have a rest a little. In the village, near the city, there lived Lyusina the cousin grandmother. And this weekend I, Lucie and Olesya waved there: to take a steam bath in a bath, to breathe fresh air, well, and in general - the nature, birdies chirp, pair milk.

It was possible to reach the village only by train. The road, however, not such long, only two hours, but a problem consisted that the train went to four mornings.

In the evening on Friday began to gather. And, here an ill luck, I unintentionally broke the pocket mirror. Everything, the road will not be! - Lyusya fell apart. - Not to good it!

Nonsense! Think of it less! - Olesya calmed the girlfriend. She at us in supernatural never trusted and only laughs at us when we spit through the left shoulder, we make wishes on happy tickets.

When we already almost left the hostel, Olesya remembered that she left phone in the room and hurried to return, without paying any attention to our lamentations. Well, now precisely something bad happens! - unanimously we solved with Lyusy.

Also it is necessary when our taxi left from the yard, we were stolen a march by a black cat! We from Lyuskaya shocked with such combination of circumstances only exchanged glances, having goggled at each other. Olesya, as usual, only laughed at us: Oh, as terribly! Now the taxi driver to turn into a fat rat, and our train - in a bed with pumpkins! But we reached the train without incident and safely found the places in a couchette car.

The fourth passenger in a compartment appeared to sleep the man of average years who settled, and in five minutes of a compartment began to shudder from awful, rolling, hryukovato - the gurgling snore. We bore minutes ten. Suddenly Olesya even jumped up: I read what at cores so happens: they snore before the next attack, to them does not gasp. In their such cases it is necessary to punch in a breast that to restore a warm rhythm .

The sounds made by the fellow traveler were so loud that there was a wish though somehow for them to stop. Who will beat? - I asked. Olesya, without hesitation, got up, from all scope bang to it on edges and quickly - quickly into place. It is zero emotions! Even did not stir, only slightly began to hoot more quietly.

This snore was intolerable! Minutes through fifteen Lyusya whispered to me on an ear, cunning so: You do not wish the core to rescue from an attack, and? Yes, Oleska is not able to beat, it is necessary stronger! - I speak, I get up, I swing the arm and shvark to it on edges again.

Into place I did not manage to sit down. Eyes of the victim opened and he is terribly so: You what you misbehave? See what was started: on the living person in turn to check the force! Yes not the core I, sleep I so! It is clear!

We made innocent eyes and lovely so began to smile. However Olesya with a smile upon the face tenderly said: If you SO sleep, fly by " planes; Aeroflot and it is better - a peshochok . Our fellow traveler did not begin to argue, but also did not risk to lay down any more. You never know!

Here to you and your broken mirror. You see to what history got! - told me Lyusya. - And which - who does not trust!

Here and village! We dexterously jumped off from high steps of the car, and Lyusya led us towards the grandmother`s house. Suddenly, meters in hundred from us we see a huge dog, he with interest began to examine us. We stopped that at this dog on mind, nobody knew. What to do?

Here in the distance the figure of the person appeared, he waved a hand and something shouted. We pricked up the ears. Scraps of phrases began to reach us: iteit! iteit! Lyusya with horror whispered: In my opinion, he shouts run, run! We were developed and as I tear up distances!!!

On heels (another - that the footwear at us was not) our run turned into the parody: legs continually gave away, us stormed to the left, to the right, through a step stumbled! Generally, Actors have a rest! And when I am the next time on halfbent faltered, lateral sight noticed that this vast object almost overtook us!

Stop! Stand on the place! - I shout, and we got up as driven. And this dog began to wag a tail and began to turn around us, licking us hands. The fear receded, and the simplification came to its place. While we recovered from the endured stress, the person shouting from a distance, most likely, the owner of the shaggy good-natured person, approached closer and speaks: I shouted to you go, be not afraid and you chesanut, even a cloud of dust .

Here you see what can happen when you come back behind something, we were nearly eaten! - uttered indistinctly Lyusya. So did not eat! But morning jog added to us health! - Olesya objected. But jog on heels nearly deprived of us legs! - I finished discussion.

So, we reached a grandmother`s lodge, and our rest began! Fresh air, grandmother`s pies, a pair milk quickly led us to feelings after last session and stresses endured in way. After a lunch flooded a bath, and we from legs to the head were smeared with masks, creams, honey. Process was in the heat and suddenly behind a wall we heard rustle. Listened, precisely, under a window obviously someone was. Spy Upon us! - I speak. Yes, that you! There is nobody if only the grandmother with the grandfather did not turn into perverts! - Lyusya laughed. - But it was not watched them earlier! Through some time rustle repeated.

Now I will understand who cuts there! - resolutely Olesya told. - Perhaps from neighbors who plays about . Took a bucket and went, in the buff, to disperse perverts. Aha! Got, I will show you how to cut! - she cried and, bzdyn, to the violator between an eye a ladle! Happy comes: There some guy was, low such, in a rabbit cap with ear-flaps and is dark - a gray jacket. I to it so pripechatat that it even threw valenoks to the sky, and firewood in different directions! Billeting, what cap with ear-flaps, what valenoks, May outside, what firewood? - I ask bewildered. Let`s understand! - calmed us Lyusya. - Now we will take a steam bath, and then we will ask the grandmother who here so masks and firewood steals .

When we entered the house, saw the old man lying on a sofa in a corridor, he sighed, and on his face the compress lay. Nearby the grandmother fussed. Valenoks were on the threshold, the jacket and a cap with ear-flaps lay nearby. Now everything became clear! Slightly the grandfather mova was not beaten, damned! - the old woman lamented. We are not specially! Yes, who knew - that, in the dark unless will sort! We - that thought that someone peeps at us moreover and steals firewood! - we justified ourselves. Here to you and black cat! The person was crippled for anything! - whispered us Lyusya.

It appears, the grandfather left behind firewood as at night it was still cool and it was necessary to waterlog. And that it in such look, so old bones love heat the grandfather said more than once. Everything managed. Dedulka oklematsya quickly and already next day laughed together with us, remembering this history.

Days off flew by as one instant, was time to come back. And here what business: had a rest together, and impressions remained with all different. For Lucie all rest was saddened by our misadventures, they caused in her more negative emotions. In her opinion, we were warned about them by signs: a mirror, a cat, return behind phone.

Olesya remained delighted with rest in the village, and all adventures which we had to endure, she wrote off for ridiculous accidents. And some, in her opinion, were very much even amusing.

Rest in general was pleasant to me, but it would be better if the grandfather did not suffer from us, and we - from a dog.

Generally, business - that, of course, not in signs and some accidents it was possible to avoid.

We see that we want to see and we believe in what we want to trust in, but it is worth to remember: to everyone it will be rendered on his belief therefore it is necessary to trust only in good! Good luck!]