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Technical innovations - good or the evil?

B 1999 Vachovski`s brothers painted a terrible picture of future mankind enslaved by the artificial reason which created the Matrix. Certainly, the idea of superiority of the car over the person is not new and was repeatedly affected in the world literature and cinema, but get accustomed more attentively with what with great strides we move in the direction of technical ecstasy!

Ten years ago the trill of the mobile phone reminding the sizes a small brick caused the feelings similar to reverential pleasure of the savage who for the first time saw the gun. Certainly, nobody bit the dust and made a sacrifice to a great deity of cellular communication, but puzzled osadochek took place. Say, why to drag with itself this device if it is possible to use pleasantly and conveniently the payphone?! But here the beautiful toy fell into hands of the savage, and the savage understood that with its help it is possible not only to crack nuts and to dig out earthworms, but also is comfortable, with self-respect, to communicate with similar.

Further - it is more. Phones decreased in sizes, acquired the mass of functions, and soon from a means of communication turned into a certain similarity of the universal satellite in any life situation. The lamp, a compass, GPS navigation, the Internet, office applications, the camera - all this quietly is located in the graceful plastic case, without giving an inconvenience to the owner. Certainly, there were those who opposed archin steps scientifically - technical progress, having considered that all these innovations, except an excess headache, will bring nothing. In something these people it is possible to understand and accept their point of view - agree why to the accountant killed with life or the businessman using phone for its direct designated purpose to understand subtleties of GPS or to adjust the next messenger for communication online? Let it is three hundred times it will be convenient, it is useful and it is favorable, but these innovations do not enter the vital potential of separate part of mankind and will never be accepted properly.

But that all of us about phones and about phones - take any sphere where progress left the mark, and everywhere it will be possible to find renegades and turncoats! House sound? Why to buy expensive components, interblock cords for hundreds of euros, columns, amplifiers, preamplifiers and other digital stuff if a combo - the " system; Panasoanix perfectly makes sounds. However, rather nasty, but she publishes them! But there is no trouble with wires, thin control, compatibility - tytsnut by the button, and the hoarse voice of Mikhail Muromov pours out the sad saga about apples on snow. Tytsnul once again - and silence! Simply! Conveniently! Well!

A toothbrush about a smart functions, adjustment of speed of rotation and massage of gums? Heresy! Why to read the multipage instruction if it is possible to take from the shelf a favourite piece of plastic with PVC - a bristle and to achieve practically the same results! I do not speak about such, really, devil invention as the refrigerator with Internet connection any more! Seven years ago for such, at first sight, absurd phrase at least would make a fun, having exposed before society the visionary and, perhaps, the little fool. But now is not present and you think of that, life would be how convenient if the refrigerator itself ordered products, defined the remains and fixed delivery time.

Fortunately, society develops innovations. Once, at the beginning of a civilization, the piece, primotanny to a stick, of the pointed stone was considered as an innovation too. There were admirers, there were opponents. Wheel, engine, plane, computer Even the most inveterate conservatives refusing to take gallop of time into account come home, click the button of turning on of the system unit, go on-line and gather the first lines All these technical innovations - mostly unnecessary toys . And seldom who will remember that once computers occupied the whole halls, worked from punched cards and hooted as the good oil tanker. The reason is simple - after microwave ovens, dishwashers, TVs and radio receivers the computer crept in our daily life, having become something obligatory without what life cannot be considered full and successful.

People communicate on the Internet, get acquainted, meet, marry. People send MMS which became the same ordinary transmission medium of information what was earlier the faceless text of SMS - ok. And it is already a victory. Small, difficult, but victory! And perhaps, in the same way, on the sly, the smart house systems will creep to our houses, perhaps, sometime the growing bald accountant will put indicators in the pocket navigator that next morning on GPS system of navigation to track the anamnesis of development of a party after a pay.

Very much wants to be believed in what new will win also against the sceptics who are haughty swinging the heads at the sight of the next technological gadget will become many times less. And Matrix Yes god with it, with the Matrix!]