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Wounds - to lick or treat? Poets are healers.

It are remembered by everyone:

I wounds as a dog, licked - but did not treat

It (if it is possible to call it so). And it must be said, experience very and very successful.

Before I heard these lines as the normal educated person I treated wounds: greased with something, stuck with something. Wounds did not heal long, hurt. And suddenly reached depth of consciousness: yes it is necessary to try what is told by the poet. Well, not to an oblez I, eventually. Especially as among animals there is no medical staff, and they somehow keep, live.

Tried to lick wounds, grazes, bruises. Helps! Licked, waited until dried up, licked again. And so until the acute pain leaves. And then to lick when you remember. What demanded leaving not less than a week earlier disappeared now completely in three days!

Well, and how with elbows? You will not lick! Then to spit on a finger and to spread with the finger moistened with saliva a sore point.

The most interesting also not in it. All know how it is unpleasant when barley swells up. So if to smear it with saliva, then it passes very quickly. And that is characteristic - it does not hurt!

In poetic medicine of such recommendations not really there is a lot of. Though there are still very concrete instructions of B. Okudzhava about drops of the Danish king:

If the truth cough prevents to cry out

to you,

do not forget to take a sip of

of these strange drops.

Before you let rise

of the past examples... drink

of the Drop of the Danish king

, gentlemen!

It is not a metaphor (as I thought earlier) is an exact name of medicine for cough.

And here as for the general diseases, it is the is best of all Yaroslav Smelyakov told about it:

If I get sick,

I will not begin to see doctors

, I Address friends

(do not consider that it delirious):

lay to me the steppe,

curtain to me windows fog,

in a headboard deliver to

a night star.

Powders or drops - are not necessary.

Let in a glass shine beams.

Hot wind of deserts, falls silver -

Here than should treat.

Communication with the nature - one of the major medical factors. Magnificent poem! Really it is worth going where - nibud to the desert, to falls silver, to retire, relax, be dissolved!

To be fair It should be noted that the poet left to the discretion of reading a line:

Let in a glass beams shine .

It is not really clear what the glass is: whether an empty glass for mixture, whether full something else.

Our great, our genius, our unsurpassed Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin considers that

Is useful to the Russian health

our strengthening frost,

of the Cheek, is brighter than vernal roses,

Play cold and blood.

( Alexander Pushkin, sketches )

Or here still:

And every fall I blossom again;

is useful to my Health the Russian cold;

To life habits I feel love again;

the Succession flies a dream, finds a succession hunger;

easy and joyfully plays blood in heart,

of Desire boil; I am happy, young again,

Ya again lives poln: such is my organism

(desire to forgive me an unnecessary prosaism).

( Alexander Pushkin, Fall )

Corporal illnesses - anything in comparison with anguish. And here the poet offers us as a remedy the last trolleybus:

When to me nevmoch to overcome trouble,

when the despair rises,

I in the blue trolleybus sit down on the run,

in the last,

in casual.

I Think that this Bulat Okudzhava`s lines pinching soul are familiar to all. And it is right: share the sorrows, you will receive sympathy, support, the help!

Sometimes the best means - naked shoulders of a subject of your adoration (why naked - so painting!) . And vozlegy on these delights to hear speeches of darling:

I poured floods of tears unexpected,

I to wounds of conscience of my

of your speeches of fragrant

was pleasant pure unction.

( Alexander Pushkin, Stanzas ) the Same magic property to treat to a shower possesses

also literature:

I want to live to think and suffer, I know

I, to me there will be pleasures

Between sorrows, cares and troubles: Sometimes again I will revel in harmony in


Over fiction I will shed tears

( Alexander Pushkin, the Elegy )

I here still amazing lines about the person who wants to rise after deep falling:

Fathers hermits and wives are pure, That heart to vozletat

in the area of a zaochna,

to strengthen it among submultiple storms and fights,

Put a set of divine prayers;

But any of them does not touch me,

As that which the priest repeats

In days sad the Lent;

of All is more often to me it comes to lips -

I fallen svezhit by unknown force:

Lord of my days! Spirit of idleness sad, Lyubonachaliya`s

, a snake hidden this,

I a prazdnosloviya do not give to my soul;

But let`s me ripen mine, holy Christ, sins,

Yes my brother from me will not accept condemnation. spirit of humility, patience, love

I of chastity to me in heart recover


( Alexander Pushkin, the Prayer, 1836 ) Poetic therapy is many-sided, comprehensive

! Look for at poets of a line who will give you completeness and pleasure of life!]