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Where to hide a grist? We take out and take out. We tried to consider

In the previous article rather in detail where in the house or the apartment it is possible to make a small hiding place. But sometimes there are situations that the grist needs to use, without informing the immediate environment. And, as a rule, it is simple to get - more difficult to take out.

It is the simplest to use pockets, bags, diplomats or man purses. And suddenly you are suspected and will check contents? And suddenly warmly and there are no pockets or you in very short dress, and the handbag is occupied very much necessary and useful things? Then it is a high time to use the imagination, and we will give you several ideas.

For dispersal answer several questions. What the subject is made of? What it size? What weight at it? And why to me in general to take out it? What will be if to catch me? If you did not change the mind yet, then went.

You know how took out silk from China? One very clever princess went to visit to the groom once, and hid silkworms in the high and beautiful hairdress decorated with flowers. Both the groom received, and brought a dowry. You can use this idea and place a subject in hair, naturally, having fixed it. Hairpins, hairpins or invisible beings will approach. If you bald - that it is possible just to put on a cap or a cap, and under it to hide something. Only do not forget about a hiding place, and that the embarrassment will leave.

If there is no need to talk, then small objects are easily taken out in a mouth. Or place a subject in a chewing gum and chew, slightly pressing. The exotic way - a hiding place in a tooth hollow, but it will already be suitable for storage of poison or a microfilm with a compromising evidence more.

Something to take out the best way from the house, without causing suspicions - to send it something separately from himself favourite. The friend can just dump money from a balcony or through a window leaf, and - to lower a cognac bottle on a string.

The attention of men can bring option of use of a tie. Small objects easily are located in knot. Besides the tie represents a flattened tube, and both ends are, as a rule, open. Therefore flat objects (notes, a film) hide without special work there.

And, of course, do not forget about pants. Many travelers mastered simple reception of storage of money and documents on the way for a long time, hiding them in the secret pocket sewn to seamy side of pants. One my friend somehow bought the wife as a gift on birthday the Golden Ring and decided to brag to me. In the summer they lived in the country, and he defiled along beds in boxer shorts. And here, in the heat of demonstration of a gift, the house leaves his wife. The ring needed to be hidden urgently. The wife to it: What there at you? . And it in reply: Anything! and shows empty hands. I was taken aback: well it could not such small and expensive thing in a bed to throw - we will not find! The wife left, and he costs - smiles. It hid a ring for an elastic band of pants, having few times curtailed the upper edge a tubule - it seems as tobacco in paper is wrapped. Tobacco - a ring, paper - tissue of cowards, and the elastic band fixed all this design.

As more difficult options of hiding places shoulder pads and seams on clothes, hollow heels, space between soles of boots can serve. Emptiness can be organized in the handle or a felt-tip pen, a watch or a pack of cigarettes.

So, we managed to take out a subject from the room, and now we will carry it. Let`s say you went to the sea: the sun bakes, wind whistles, the car flies on the road as a bird, and you take the beautiful girl in the fellow traveler. Well all of you with yourself will not drag money! Means, we will organize a hiding place in the car.

The modern car - without telling quite difficult device consisting of a set of details in which it is possible to hide quite solid objects about a trifle of type of notes and jewelry. Here is how time we will also hide such trifles.

Money have to be available it was possible to take them, without climbing under a cowl and without unscrewing a nut. Therefore creation of a hiding place in salon will be the simplest decision, having made a minimum of efforts before a trip. In each car there is an ashtray. Make by it the second bottom, give it by means of ashes and stubs a look being in the use - and use on health. If you do not smoke, then just burn couple of cigarettes, and shake ashes in an ashtray.

Flat objects easily will get into a sun-protection peak, but for this purpose it is necessary to unstitch a seam, to pull out part of stuffing, and then very accurately to sew up or stick. For the frequent use it is possible to provide on a seam flypaper . Control panel also quite good and quite spacious place for storage. Only you should not remove every time it entirely. The place behind some device has to be enough for you and if wires too short to take it, then just extend them and problems will not be. As options: radio tape recorder, conditioner, speedometer, etc. Will be suitable for the same purposes and glove compartment in it sometimes there are many cracks and openings, especially in domestic cars. Before use of the attracted crack check and whether it has a bottom. I quite long time stored the admission in a nice cut from above glove compartment I do not know why her designers provided. The admission was not rumpled there and was always near at hand. But once he unexpectedly failed, and it was necessary to remove all panel.

If you want to hold constantly a hand on treasure put it under the cover closing a junction of the lever of switching of speeds with a transmission. It is also possible to use space under a seat or a floor mat.

Well, if you need very to transport gold ingots or large sums of money, then it is necessary to work on conscience. As robbers examine salon first of all and can tear out the dashboard and cut an upholstery, hiding places for large and expensive objects need to be done in the car case. And here everything depends on that, how well you know the car and is how big grist .

And, finally, most as it seems to me, necessary council: transporting something valuable, do not leave the car on the street if the paid parking is near. The car can just be hijacked, and your hiding place will ride until it is incidentally found.

In conclusion I want to note that articles were written not only for those who hide, but also for those who look for. Good luck to both!]