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How to make a mask from a papya - Masha?

I was late with the councils A little, generally masks use on New Year`s holidays. But at us carry out masquerades and without some special occasion now. Of course, generally in glamourous society. But it is possible to carry out a corporate masquerade or to make masks for the children and the hands for any morning performance. You love children, so regret them, keep their health and remember old technologies. We in it were trained in initial classes of the Soviet school 40 years ago.

Now all toys which sell in the market and in shops including masks, generally Chinese production. They in China are made of melamine. I do not know what is it, but also in Russia, and in Ukraine it is forbidden to sell single ware from this material (though sell) as this material is even more, than formaldehyde negatively influences health of the person. It is possible to get allergic reaction of skin at once or over time to save up in an organism harmful substances at long contact with them. And they will cause then various diseases.

Therefore make a mask from a papya - Masha!

the Word this French, and many do not know it now how they do not know also the forgotten technology.

For production of a mask does not need to buy any special materials: only newspapers, glue (wallpaper or PVA) and plasticine are necessary.

So. We do a form for a mask of plasticine. It is possible as a basis for a form to use old sunglasses. We paste over them with plasticine and we do a volume form. Then it is necessary to tear the newspaper on scraps, to moisten them and to paste over with them densely plasticine preparation. It is necessary to put four layers of paper, coating with glue and to allow them to dry out about an hour. Then to put four more layers, it is possible more, and again it is good to dry. Then at the end to glue accurately two layers of more dense white paper.

When everything will dry, the mask needs to be separated from a plasticine form, to cut off by the size, to paint with gouache and if it is required, to paste over with other jewelry, like a rain, beaten glass from toys and a fringe or beads. If a mask to do

of a large number of layers of paper, it then, after final drying, it is possible to cut off, grind by means of an emery paper and to bring to the necessary standard. Then it is possible to varnish this mask.

In conclusion it is necessary to make at the edges of a mask two cuts for ties of any beautiful ribbons.

On this technology can make any, even quite volume mask, it is not computer - virtual, as in the Hollywood movies, and quite real. Simply and cheap. And you can decorate it with what you want. Though feathers, though wool, though beads, though tinsel.

Old it is technology, but it will be much more difficult to do a mask of a modern viniplast. The special torch for heating is necessary. And if to do everything over the gas stove, then it will be and it is dangerous, and it is difficult.

So that old, not such outdated. Try. Our ancestors were not silly too...]