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How to become the invaluable worker?

That at the released vacancy to higher position the choice of the administration first of all fell on you that you could ask an increase to a salary or additional days off, you have to become the invaluable employee. It is possible to make it, adhering to simple and at the same time effective rules of conduct at work. How to become the invaluable worker?

1. Prepare in advance everything that will be required to you next day. At work as evening make the list of incomplete affairs for work with them for the next day. Be tidied up on a workplace before leaving, sort folders and documents. Houses prepare in the evening clothes and all documents which will be necessary since morning.

2. Try to make morning as much as possible vigorous . For this purpose spend time which you spent on preparation of clothes in the mornings earlier for charging or jog. Take a contrast shower. Have breakfast. The positive charge for all day is provided to you, so and your efficiency will be higher.

3. You come to work earlier the put time. Even if you will come before the others for 10 - 15 minutes, it will play a large role. During this time you will manage to be adjusted for work, to tidy up a workplace if did not make it in the evening, to read the plan of tasks and the list put for today and to get to work. But the most important, early arrival will work for your image, and through some time image will begin to work for you, allowing to be late sometimes without any further troubles.

4. At work observe business etiquette , communicate with colleagues, start communications, but you do not pass to familiarity. And do not allow emotions to get the best of yourself at all: in collective where it is not accepted to be expressed obscenely, your authority can strongly knock down the abusive word. If you feel that you will not be able to restrain or are ready to begin to cry, depart better there where nobody will be able to see and hear you. If squabbled with the client, call back to him as soon as you calm down, and apologize for the fact that broke. If the client was wrong, apologize only for the behavior.

5. Sort all affairs by degree of importance and urgency. It will allow not to be distracted by the unnecessary trifles eating, as a rule, the lion`s share of time. Usually affairs divide into four groups: urgent and important (works involving all hands, projects on the verge of failure); not urgent, but important (creation of the strong relations with clients and partners, advance planning of the future); urgent, but not important (phone call will hardly begin to wait until you complete other affairs); not urgent and unimportant (the talk which is taking away a lot of time, correspondence, calls, meetings which do not bring any benefit).

6. Self-assessment. Put on and behave according to a position . Be sure of themselves. Let all your words and gestures be in harmony among themselves.

7. Self-advertisement. Do not hesitate to report on the administration that executed an assignment precisely in time, and soon in the head of the chief it will be postponed: you are that person on whom it is possible to rely and which will make everything in time. And then career development not far off.

8. Show an initiative , make proposals, undertake new projects and do not forget to study and support the professional level.

9. And the last, do not try to be irreplaceable . As Chapmen`s law says: who cannot be replaced, that will never be raised.

It is possible to add to the last point: if you do not seek for career development, and want to remain at the position, then in this case it is necessary to use the best efforts to become irreplaceable. Let none of your colleagues have access to your information and will be able to perform your work without you.

If you implement all 9 clauses, then successful career is provided to you.]