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What is attraction or How to gain the stranger?

For certain, each person takes a liking to someone, but does not even suspect that there is a special concept explaining this phenomenon - attraction (from armor. attrahere - to attract, attract) - emergence of a mutual attraction, arrangement of people to each other. The attraction, appears, can serve as means of imperceptible influence. It is easier to operate the person taking a liking to you (both in good, and in and bad sense of this word). Here some of receptions which will help you to gain the interlocutor.

From a smile will become brighten. the Open, benevolent, sincere smile is capable to work with

wonders. The friendly arrangement shown by a smile gives rise to reciprocal sympathy. There is a phenomenon psychological infection when the condition of one person is transferred to people around. Exactly thanks to effect psychological infection people especially reach for merry fellows and optimists.

It is interesting that long time among women the myth about as if it is impossible to smile much as it leads to formation of mimic wrinkles, especially near external corners of eyes was very distributed. Modern researches disproved this assumption. It turned out that at a smile those groups of muscles which just interfere with formation of wrinkles train.

What in a name to you we wash?

the Name said distinctly and surely validly - an important stage of achievement of attraction. Long ago it is established that it is very pleasant to person to hear the name. Therefore, expressing the sympathy, we say a name of the pleasant interlocutor repeatedly. And, on the contrary, we take great pain almost not to mention a name of the one who is not pleasant or internal tension causes.

Eyes - a window to the soul.

One more important element of achievement of attraction - a look. To those who are pleasant to us, we as if we stick a look, and the person has our sympathy. Therefore it is necessary to speak and listen looking in eyes to the interlocutor. Optimum duration of conversation eye to eye consider 10 seconds, then it is one couple of seconds better to be distracted by other object, and - again by the interlocutor.

Value of gestures.

the Crossed hands and legs during conversation testify to tension and mistrust, and freely located - to openness and trust, and it causes positive reaction. Excessive tension is transferred to other person and interferes with attraction.

It is interesting also that if interlocutors are pleasant each other, then they involuntarily otzerkalivat pose and each other mimicry. Wishing to gain other person, copy his benevolent gestures. And if that very clearly shows mistrust, the skilled psychologist will think up anything at any cost to force the interlocutor to change necessarily his pose to opened - will offer coffee, will ask to take something, etc.

Not last role in establishing contact with the opponent plays a relative positioning of interlocutors in space. To adjust the person kindly, it is necessary to approach him sideways, exactly such arrangement - nearby (sideways the friend of an otdrug) - causes mutual attraction. It is undesirable to be opposite to each other, such arrangement can cause awkwardness, aggression, to provoke dispute: not for nothing in Russian the word opposition - word " synonym; conflict .

Observe colleagues. Equal according to the status, as a rule, file documents each other sideways, approaching a table sitting, and here documents are handed to the chief from a " position; on the contrary . There is one more surprising feature: women prefer to talk, being sideways from the interlocutor, and men - opposite to each other.

If in your environment there are people with whom you want to improve the relations, begin to apply the offered receptions. Smile to the person, ask questions, address him by name. Talking to the child, put him near yourself, but not opposite - it will allow to adjust kind relationship, to create a confidential situation in a family. Such management will be not a manipulation, and only soft influence, and for the good - because will adjust the benevolent atmosphere.]