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Gerts - unit of frequency of fluctuations or people?

He lived only 37 years. And made much, though it was weak health. Worked for two three Several hertz is an infrasound. At these frequencies there are our emotions, there is a storing process, ideas are generated Gerts made by

for electrodynamics the same as Galilei for mechanics. In 1865 James Maxwell created the theory of the electromagnetic field assuming its distribution in space with velocity of light. As well as in heliocentric system of Copernicus, its basic provisions too contradicted habitual views and were not supported with skilled results. The merit of the proof of the valid existence of the electromagnetic waves predicted by Maxwell in the mathematical way belongs to Gerts`s experiments.

Heinrich Rudolf Gerts was born on February 22, 1857 in Hamburg, in the lawyer`s family. Studied at the Higher technical school in Dresden, in Munich, and then at the Berlin university upon termination of which in 1880 defended the doctoral dissertation and became G. Helmholtz`s assistant. Already in the first works Gerts proved the born experimenter. It was extraordinary resourceful and inexhaustible on inventions in that, as for devices for experiences. Was not afraid also of draft work.

In 1887. Gerts offered a successful design of the generator of electromagnetic oscillations (Gerts`s vibrator) and a method of their detection (Gerts`s resonator) - prototypes of a radio transmitter and the radio receiver. Observing reflection, refraction, an interference, diffraction and polarization of electromagnetic waves, showed their identity to the radiation predicted by Maxwell. Experimentally established that the speed of distribution of electromagnetic waves is equal to velocity of light. Proved identity of the main properties of electromagnetic and light waves.

Thus, Gerts experimentally confirmed uniform essence of light and electricity which Faraday assumed in 1845, and Maxwell theoretically proved in 1862 - 65 years. The optics could be included now as a special case, in electrodynamics the same as acoustics by then for a long time was included into mechanics.

Gerts not only experimentally confirmed Maxwell`s ideas, but also theoretically developed them further. In 1890 it gave to the electrodynamics equations the symmetric form which well showed full interrelation between the electric and magnetic phenomena (Maxwell`s electrodynamics - Gerts).

Gerts researched also interactions of electromagnetic waves with substance. In 1887 studied external photoeffect, having established that the electric discharge between electrodes occurs stronger at their lighting by an ultraviolet. In 1891 opened permeability of metals for cathodic beams, having laid the foundation of studying of a structure of substance.

Gerts`s works on electrodynamics played a huge role in further development of science and equipment. Its results caused emergence of wireless telegraph, radio and television. Heinrich Gerts died on January 1, 1894, without having managed to carry out the opening practically. And not casual the first words transferred by the inventor of radio Alexander Stepanovich Popov on March 24, 1896 (on May 7, 1895 which at us is considered In the Afternoon of radio only the receiver - " was shown them; grozootmetchik ) on the first wireless communication, were: Heinrich Gerts .]