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On whom the dynasty of Ryurik dynasty was interrupted?

on January 20, 1598, 410 years ago, in Moscow the tsar Fedor Ioannovich, the last surviving Ivan the Terrible`s successor quietly died. He stayed on a throne neither more nor less 14 years, but whether at the same time at least one day here operated? Nominally yes, practically - no. Because already three years later after Ioann Grozny`s death all power in the country was tidied up in the hands by the powerful boyar Boris Godunov who was very provident, having achieved that married the tsar on the sister Irina. From the same day kind the brother-in-law also removed the tsar both from policy, and from need to make some fatal decisions

Much, probably, the ordinary phrase about " is known; boys bloody in eyes . Yes, attributed to Godunov killing of one more applicant for a throne - the tsarevitch Dmitry who was brought up in Moscow area. All his fault was that since early years he showed in himself lines of the terrible father. Here is how D. Fletcher, the English traveler who wrote the book " writes about it; About the state Russian dated 1591.

The Younger brother of the tsar, the child of years of six or seven (as it was told before), is held in the remote place from Moscow, under the supervision of mother and relatives from the house Nude, but (as it is heard) his life is in danger from attempts of those which stretch the views of possession of a throne in case of childless death of the tsar. The wet nurse who tried before it some food (as I heard), died suddenly. Russians confirm that he is precisely a son of the tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, the fact that in young litas in it all qualities of the father begin to be found. It (speak) finds pleasure in watching how kill sheep and in general a livestock, to see the cut throat when blood (whereas children ordinary are afraid of it) flows from it, and to cane geese and hens until they do not die .

Whether Godunov needed such rival? Very doubtfully. The tsarevitch became more senior, the more with him would be problems. By the way, official investigation of the death of the tsarevitch which followed on May 15, 1591 came to a conclusion that Dmitry who had epilepsy incidentally ran on own knife during an attack. How here not to remember a black joke the person who slipped on an orange-peel. And so 12 times! The rumor attributed murder Borisk .

But we will return to Fedor Ioannovich. It was the silent mild tsar who practically always smiled so and it was impossible to understand that it is cheerful nature or as tell in the people, laughter without the reason the fool`s sign. But Fedor was very tender, silent, mercy and devout. He carried out the most part of day to churches, and as entertainment liked to watch fisticuffs, entertainments of clowns and a fun with bears. If who came to the tsar with some request or the offer, he sent him to Godunov.

The tsar was small growth, is stocky, odutlovat, had gait unsteady, on character was lazy. But the people very much loved it for his devotion.

One of the main tasks which faced Godunov not to allow it that in Fedor and Irina`s marriage the son was born. And for the sake of it to Fedor Ioannovich it was constantly drummed that too frequent intimate communication with the wife a sin that thereby it worsens the future etc. Not who other as Godunov achieved that the tsar and the queen even had no general bedroom, and a bed they divided all several times in a year before posts.

At such active matrimonial life Irina even managed once to become pregnant and gave birth to the daughter. But from a thin seed not to happen the kind tribe - the baby died, having hardly lived about one year. After that the matrimonial relations in itself came to naught. Kind the brother-in-law could only rub hands for pleasure

Numerous posts and daily hours-long prayers for some reason did not add health to the tsar. He gradually withered, and at the end of 1597 finally got sick to sink into oblivion on January 20 (on new style).

And again this death was attributed, as usual, to Boris Godunov who occupied a throne after Fedor Ioannovich`s death. But the evidential base, as they say, was not in those days. And only not so long ago scientists decided to investigate Fedor`s remains. What their amazement when in skeleton bones they found arsenic was! That is, reigning slowly and surely poisoned.

However, Alexander Nevsky not for nothing used to say in due time: Who to us with the sword will come, from a sword and will die! Had Not for long legal proceedings to Boris to reign. On April 13, 1605 the tsar seemed cheerful and healthy, it is a lot of and ate with appetite. Then rose by a tower with which quite often surveyed Moscow. But soon returned, having told what feels faint. While there was a doctor, from ears and Boris`s nose blood went. And further the agony began. The symptom of poisoning with salts of heavy metals is available. And to Boris`s son - to Fedor - the throne did not bring joy. Already on June 10, less than in two months, the furious crowd of Muscovites set by False Dmitriy killed both Fedor, and his mother. And to the guy went only 17 - y year do not judge

, and you will not be judged!]