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What sellers are? Classification attempt.

We live in society of people. There is a lot of them, and all of them (all of us) are different. And all of us at different times stay in different forms. Mothers and fathers, passengers, workers, pupils, buyers. At different times ourselves sell - the time to the employer and if also work is connected with sales of services or goods, then we sell also a product. And very often we buy.

What sellers surround us? What of them the most effective? What are pleasant to you? It is clear, that for the owner of shop the most effective seller the one who sells much and often. As far as such seller is comfortable for the buyer? If is able to sell much - means, it is loved by clients? Not always. Sometimes just such seller perfectly owns technicians of successful sales and perfectly puts them into practice. So what sellers are?

Regular guy.

It is that which will approach you at once, will quickly reduce distance in contact, will pass to a small talk. It is difficult to stop its presentation. Sometimes such verbiage begins to strain. Such manner of behavior frightens off many uncertain buyers in the choice. It has always on a face a smile, a mobile mimicry, it is open for any contact. He very clearly speaks: I am all yours! .

Gloomy dock.

Unemotional mask. Very clearly lets know that he understands all qualities of goods that prefers to deal only with the same experts. Teapots he is irritated. At first be defined - then come to shop. The speech of such seller is slow and plentifully strewed with professional terms. Always it gives pleasure to me to talk to it doky. I ask it the mass of questions about technical characteristics, turning it into the expert. And here - that from it all gloom flies.

Business businessman .

For it the main thing - purchase. If sees prazdnoshatayushchikhsya on shop, at once loses to them interest. Concrete type of the seller. Money - goods - money. If the professional intuition understands that on a game big sale - will lick the buyer at full scale. If is not present - the head of cabbage in your party will not even turn the head. It is aggressive and excessively persistent. Its motto: The Main thing - result!

Unfortunate or casual.

It is those sellers who take others place. Very clearly they let know that life to them is unfair. Forced to be engaged in unloved business. Sales - not its fad. This is the person who got to the sphere of trade incidentally. Not understood its essence and laws. The buyer suffers, of course, and together with it also. This is such seller will not tell you about all advantages of your acquisition. It it will not be able to give all palette of pleasure from purchase. In fact, he also blames you for the misfortune. Such victim of circumstances.

Impact and pressure.

This seller in any buyer sees the opponent. He is a hunter. It has to to catch the client and to make happy it the presence. Generally beginners on sales act this way. Those who read books or passed training, but did not work the gained knowledge in practice. They are ready to achieve in any way desirable result. Say about such sellers that they flog and push goods. Only either very uncertain buyers, or already defined in the choice can work with them. If with such seller to enter polemic, the battlefield will look miserable

Careful mother . Remember

how often you fell into caring hands of such sellers. The attention to your problems is felt. Will listen to you, actively nodding, will penetrate into the essence of a problem. Will propose its solution at choice. Everything is great. Only sometimes such sellers forget about a sale essence. Like your difficulties, do a disservice to the enterprise. Me one such mother sent through the road, to the competitors, at them 200 rubles cheaper. To the buyer it is good, and to the owner? Such sellers very clearly let know that interests of the client for them - the main thing. To the detriment of and firm. Comfortable such seller. For the time being. In any business the golden mean is good. Without fanaticism.

Apathy, passivity.

" Position; little person . Nothing depends on it. It`s not my business. It does not belong to my duties. I see nothing, I hear nothing. Such people at any enterprise - the most weak spot. Passive performers. Behind all this there is also an internal uncertainty in itself, the knowledge, and inability to communicate with the client. Everything can learn. Only such people have an internal antimotivator. They are happy with everything, they do not need anything else. Low wage, well and let. But stable. They have one thought: Who came for purchase - that will buy . Perhaps, the biggest trouble for any business - indifference.


earth Salt. Those on whom all also keeps. Gold reserves. Such synthesis of the regular guy, business and mothers . Perfectly own technicians of sales. Perfectly know the range and characteristics of goods. All pluses and minuses of a product. Do not fuss. Are judicious. Do not get into dispute with the client. Are able to listen and hear. Are sure of themselves. The biggest sales at them. Unfortunately, it is those diamonds which are rare in ours crowns .

And what sellers most often serve you?]