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How to compel the shy admirer to resolute actions?

the Known expression about what the modesty decorates sometimes happen also incorrect. Well how to be with the shy admirer? He throws on you languishing looks, sighs, reddens at your reciprocal look. And everything, stupor! How to make so that it was solved on though some step, or to take this step most, but here the question - whether will confuse it the guy finally. Generally, the continuous headache if to consider that the shy admirer to you is obviously nice and you wishes to enter with him into more dense relations.

So, let`s understand what forces the man to quail?

Many statements which are let fall, it seems, just like that they can carry into the account. So in communication with the guy try to control the words and acts. Do not force an event, let everything develop systematically even if not so quickly, as if you did not want it.

Often here such guys of shy ten build the beloved to a pedestal, doing of her the real deity, being afraid to profane her even a simple touch. It is pleasant to be, of course, the Fairy Greuze, but not always, we are with you ordinary people from flesh and blood. Take the first step, and it will be necessary to make it masterly. If the guy - in a circle of your communication, then a task becomes simpler - telling coffee behind a friendly sit-round gathering, touch his hand, unintentionally lean on it. And at a meeting allow a friendly kiss. The step is serious, but it will give to your admirer the chance to feel near you, to understand that the purpose on your gain more than is real. And still try to show it that all of you not an Air Cloud from Dreams - you more than real. You have addictions, a hobby, and they can be crossed with what is pleasant also to the man! Learn what movie he watched recently that for the book read. It will be excellent opportunity to exorcise, exchange opinions. And when the person is keen - he forgets about the shyness, begins to feel is more liberated.

Support your shy admirer by a smile, an approving nod of the head, but do not do, as they say, more sharp gestures differently the result will be more than deplorable - your admirer will become reserved, will be frightened. In a shower - that you are pleasant to it, he makes about you plans and is afraid at the same time - and suddenly it does not happen and you will never be together, or happens, but you will be disappointed in it and will throw! Offer the man friendship - it will be able to be pledge of closer subsequently and that the most important, the strong relations. Then day after day you will become closer and closer.

A hard case - you will tell. And who told what will be easy? Life in general difficult piece.

But know if all of you aimed to tame the shy admirer to be with him together, know that you definitely will never have the best darling and the friend! In you he sees sense of the existence. Also will make everything not to disappoint you.]