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How the count Sheremetev could marry the serf? Myth history about eternal love

Count Sheremetev and serf Kovalyova The myth about eternal love with the happy final.

How it could occur in general that brilliantly educated secular grandee paid attention to the serf, married her, affranchised her and her parents? Truly, life is a strange piece.

Nikolay Petrovich Sheremetev was more senior than the darling for 17 years. He got a magnificent house education, traveled in youth much. The city of Paris installed love to musical performances in his heart, and upon return home it will organize in the estate Kuskovo Green or as it was called still Air theater. Naturally, gathered in actors from among serfs. The count Sheremetev noticed the young vociferous peasant and enlisted her in troupe for training. The legend of how there was their significant meeting goes. In the summer evening Parasha Kovalyova drove home cows, and the count came back from hunting, near the village of Voshchazhnikov of their way were crossed. Later on this very spot by request of the count the small chapel was built.

, It seems, the final is already clear - a small petty intrigue with serf, otkupny a gift and to banish it from eyes down with. But the power of love was stronger. Praskoviya fascinated the count Sheremetev by the talent, voice, the unusual sincere qualities. And that makes an act, inconceivable by the standards of the Moscow light, - openly settles with Praskoviya Ivanovna in the Sheremetevsky palace.

Rumors and gossips spread across Moscow, and Praskoviya Zhemchugova (now she is Zhemchugova, the pseudonym on a scene has to be memorable!) shines in theater, performs the most difficult opera parts with success. Once at a house concert in Fountain House there was what made evil tongues silent, - the Paul I shaken by Zhemchugova`s gift presented it jewel. Well if the emperor approves their communication, solved in light, then and you should not talk about it. But the destiny of unusual couple is not present and will emerge in conversation in some salon. Here the count Sheremetev affranchised Praskoviya Zhemchugova, then gave manumissions and to her relatives, than not an occasion to gossip? And the event of 1801 stirred up again whole world - the fifty-year-old count and the thirty-three-year-old actress got married! Years of tortures of doubts, condemnations and misunderstandings ended. They were together before God and people. In two years the son Dmitry is born, and on it the happy fairy tale is interrupted. In three weeks after the delivery Praskoviya Zhemchugova died. The official conclusion spoke about tuberculosis, but ubiquitous gossips claimed that the great actress was poisoned domestic, out of usual envy. In the letter to the sister - the countess V. P. Razumovskaya - on February 26, 1803 N. P. Sheremetev wrote: Regret about me. Truly I out of. Loss my unreasonable. Lost the most worthy wife and in the late countess Praskoviya Ivanovna I respect had the worthy girlfriend and the companion. Concha sad speech. There is a count Sheremetev

The count was inconsolable. Now preservation of memory of the wife became business of all his life. He ordered to turn the palace which is under construction in Moscow into a shelter. It opened in a year after Sheremetev`s death. The hospice not only gave a roof to persons in need, but here also gave medical and financial help. According to Praskoviya Zhemchugova`s will more than hundred girls without dowry received money, more than five hundred handicraftsmen could buy housing. Sheremetev bequeathed to bury himself modestly, and to distribute the money which is due on a funeral on his rank to the poor. For the rest of the natural it was faithful to memory of the Only Woman. Now the Hospice - scientifically - the research center Medical museum he is a witness and a monument of this great vital history. And memory of endless love of two such different and such similar people lives, lives as the fairy tale which was fated to come true.]