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What did the grandma advise me or How to rock to sleep the baby?

Business were at rainy autumn night. I during that time worked rural dokhtury to be exact, ordinary rural paramedic.

The site was huge and quite stretched along the small river. Local lyud liked to be sick on seasons, choosing the oseena - the winter period because field works came to an end, kitchen gardens became empty, well and it was necessary to occupy itself with something, to distract.

These days there were many calls, and I drove on our gone to pieces, old UAZ on the become limp primers, since morning until late at night. Having reeled up in a day, I hardly live arrived home and was only going to indulge in small pleasures of life as phone call was distributed and me urgently demanded on departure.

The little patient to whom I arrived differed in an enviable gorlastost and tearfulness. About half a year was Otrodu to it, and he, fortunately, especially supported nothing this period and was not going to be sick. But the rebyatenok liked to scare adults and did it with special pleasure. Sleeping off peacefully in the afternoon, at night it arranged concerts with crying and a povizgivaniye. The exhausted mummy, having been tired to listen alone to the son`s hysterics, did not find anything better how to cause young dokhtura . Explaining everything with the fact that and suddenly the tummy hurts it or gryzhka climbs?

Having examined the child on symptoms of diseases, and having come to a conclusion about its full health, I again began to give lecture about importance observance of the mode of a dream and rest for the kid. Mother, as usual, listened to everything, nodding and agreeing with everything, and then asked the remarkable question on which I did not know then the answer.

- And how to me it now to force to sleep? Will shout all night long till the dawn!

did not pass Usual ubayukivaniye, really, the kid all night long demanded to hold him on hands and to go with him on a hut.

At this time at a door knocked. On a threshold the tall, thin woman appeared. The neigbour was called the woman Lida. She never addressed me, and it seemed what is not ill at all though it seems and the age obliged. Having greeted, she asked: What, wails again? You Izmat it, the maid, so Having thrown off a jacket, she warmed hands over an oven, and safely took away to the boy to herself.

- Watch how the child should be lulled! - she declared. The warm and sensitive fingers the woman began to iron the kid on a golovushka. Its palm slid clockwise, slightly touching a silk hair of the boy. It, having felt a pleasant contact, for the first time calmed down, with astonishment clapping eyes. Lips of the woman Lida whispered a prayer to the Virgin, and contacts of fingers passed to edges of fontanels. The steel movement zamedlenny, and in a couple of minutes the baby fell down, is cozy smacking the lips gubenka.

As I knew later, this kid was carried to the woman Lida and she zasheptyvat him, treated, so. But I can precisely tell one that since then they did not address me.

That was done by this wise woman, I understood later when I became a psychologist and got acquainted with NLP. This grandmother just adapted to the child, and then led his state there where it was necessary for her. Just fine tuning and maintaining, as on the first trainings at Nlpistov.

How to do all this? you Begin to iron the kid in beat of his breath, and he breathes more often than the adult if he just cried. You iron minutes three - five. Gradually you slow down a rhythm of the movements and you watch what turned out. If the child calms down then, you do everything correctly. And reading a prayer is too a rhythm which the child hears and it lulls him.

Child being rhythmic. Nine months he hears breath of mother and a rhythm of her heart. And this only thing from sounds what he pays attention to. If after the delivery the kid caught the changed breath and frequency of heartbeat from mother, then it is natural, he will react in own way. There will be both a crying and a sleep disorder here. That is why it is important to create to mummy special rest and comfort not only during pregnancy, but also rather long time and after the delivery. It is desirable for

for the rest of the life as my wife speaks.]